People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: July 28, 2008


I’m starting this post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks:

  • Drew Olanoff is now Community Manager / Evangelist, July 28th, 2008 at Strands, congrats. Learn more in his blog post announcing his change.
  • Geoff Livingston’s Livingston Communications company is now being acquired by Social Media Group’s staff increasing it to a total of 20 employees.
  • Adam Gershenbaum has left his position with Bodog Music as Social Media Coordinator and am now Marketing Communications Specialist focused on the Internet for Brother International.
  • Friend, and former colleague Peter Kim now joins Jeffrey Dachis to build a new company focused on enterprise social computing. Peter it was a pleasure to work with you, thanks for helping to recruit me!

  • How to connect with others (or get a job):
    Several people have been hired because of this blog post series, here’s how:

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    If you know folks that are moving up in the social media industry, leave a comment below, or if you’re feeling shy (it’s cool to self-nominate) send me an email.

    Seeking Social Media Professionals?
    If you’re seeking to connect with community advocates and community managers there are few resources

  • See Web Strategy Jobs powered by Job o Matic (Post a job there and be seen by these blog readers, fees pay for my hosting)
  • Connect with others in the community manager group in Facebook
  • Check out Jake McKee’s community portal for jobs
  • See Chris Heuer’s Social Media Jobs
  • SimplyHired aggregates job listings, as does Indeed
  • ForumOne Jobs for Social Media and Community
  • Teresa has a few jobs, some around community
  • New Media hire has an extensive job database
  • Social Media Headhunter
  • Social media jobs
  • Jobs in social media
  • Hiring? Leave a comment
    If you’re seeking candidates in the social media industry, many of them are within arms reach, feel free to leave a link to a job description (but not the whole job description, or I’ll delete it.

    I’m seeking folks that are related to full time hands on social media strategy and community managers, to be on this list, so let me know if you see these folks, and please submit them. Also, I probably will not include executive management changes on this list at social media companies, as the list would go on and on, but you can feel free to express yourself in the comments!

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    1. Hi Jeremiah,

      Just wanted to put myself and our agency, Engauge, on your radar. I’ve been the Director of Social Marketing at my ad agency for the past 3 years. I’ve been told we were the first agency to create an in-house solution to this sector.

      It is my goal as well as the agency’s to establish ourselves as a leader within the social media landscape. Nearly every media plan we create has elements for social networking. What used to be a value-added service once a client’s budget ran dry, is now getting huge dollar amounts committed upfront.

      I’d love to get added to this group as I am always looking for new ideas and companies to partner with when I’m in the strategy phase.

      Chad Israel

    2. Thanks, Jeremiah, but I would count this as a job promotion, move, or accepting a new exciting position. It’s an acquisition of a company of six people.

    3. Let me clarify.. would NOT count this as a job promotion, move, or accepting a new exciting position. It™s an acquisition of a company of six people.

    4. Jeremiah, thank you for the shout out. I’m really stoked to be a part of Strands and to work with the community. We have a lot of things that are going to open some eyes, and it’s nice to be able to grow along with them.

    5. Thanks Jeremiah! I am looking forward to bringing my experience to the company and helping the brand explore new avenues. I’m excited to be a part of their Interactive Marketing team. Everyone at the company has been very warm and welcoming to me and my ideas.

      BTW might want to change the ‘am now’ to ‘is now.

      Thanks again,


    6. Hi all,
      I am a graduate from Warwick University (UK) and I am looking for a job in social media marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of the links you provide seem to cater for jobs in the US. Do you, Jeremiah, or anyone else, have any advice/contacts that would be useful for someone who wants to do this kind of work in London?

      Thanks so much,

      P.S. My LinkedIn:

    7. Adam

      Most of my readers are indeed from US, but there’s a large readership in UK (second or third), either way, I just tweeted it, hopefully someone will see this, and other opportunities.

    8. Hello!

      My name is Arturo, I am also looking for jobs as I just graduated from my Masters in Instructional Design and have a passion for Social Media -and a wealth of experience with it for the past four years with communities over 17,000 strong.

      But what is “Instructional Design”?

      It is incorporating principles of learning and instruction for knowledge co-creation and collaboration in areas such as:

      User Experience Marketing Project Management
      System Design Product Design
      Education Training and Development
      Human Factors Engineering Systems Engineering

      Thank you for your time,

      Find more about me here:


      Arturo Pelayo.

      p.s. Thanks Jeremiah for allowing these ‘plugs’.

    9. Thanks everyone for your speedy replies.

      Lloyd Davis: I live in North London so I will definitely make the Friday 10am meeting at the Coach and Horses. Look forward to it.

      For anyone who wants to get in contact my email is:

    10. Hi Jeremiah,

      Love the blog. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m director of content for Babcock & Jenkins, a relationship marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. We do a lot of community development for B2B clients and high tech orgs. Always interested in partnership opportunities and seeing the work of talented social media mavens.


      Check us out here:

    11. My name is Elliott Lemenager, I currently work for Grand Canyon University as a social media specialist. I’ve received two masters MBA & MSL (Master of Science in Leadership). Over the past couple of years I have been researching and developing social networking and media campaigns. One of my side projects in productions is “ online classifieds utilizing web 2.0 and social collaboration

      I have a couple other sites and campaigns in development as well. Overall I™m always looking for people to collaborate, network and opportunities for movement within the industry. Feel free to contact me at I™m also on all the usual suspects facebook, linkedin, twitter.



    12. Since leaving my position as CTO (chief spokesperson and evangelist) for StillSecure products, including Cobia, a product I also served as GM for, I’m now consulting through my own company Converging Network LLC.

      My specialty is combining product strategy and evangelism with social media, networking and deep industry knowledge for product launches, viral marketing and community development. I’m also advising a handful of companies on their product and social media strategies.

      I have openings for consulting engagements and would also love to find the right product and company to really apply all the skills and experience I have.

      Also check out my Network World blog (90k+ readers):, and the new blog I started



    13. Brian Sherwin from seems to be a good example of someone doing well with social media. I believe his position with them is senior editor, but he maintains different outlets of viral networking as well.

    14. Jeremiah- My apologies for the over extensive link. Feel free to delete the comment and I’ll repost. Thanks!

    15. Hi Jeremiah,

      I’ve owned a user-generated content site since 2001 that, since 2003, has prospered as a successful business model,

      Unlike most social media sites, the generated content on LetterRep is uploaded and collected with a specific $$ purpose and is more strictly managed than media on more typical UGC sites.

      Because a near-future model is emerging, many of Web2.0’s smarter features have not been implemented since the site’s last major update. The model being revealed appears to regard the meta behind the social media, which generally is ‘people in touch with people’ in a product-profit-profit arrangement with the customer, user-generator and business respectively.

      I wish I could get a social media company to listen, but everyone seems to be fascinated at the moment with their site’s ability to collect comments. I mean, that’s cool, but mostly because it confirms traffic. Now it’s time to drive that traffic in a direction.

      LetterRep’s my only job.


    16. I™m a public radio producer in the Boston area. Most recently, I helped create and produced Radio Open Source, a public radio show and podcast (we called it a blog with a radio show) hosted by Chris Lydon. We were the first to truly integrate a radio program with online communities, engaging the public to discuss topics on the show, as well as suggest segments, guests, and questions.

      Recently I™ve been doing some consulting to media organizations “currently Wisconsin Public Radio and another very exciting media start-up in Boston -about developing online communities and OpenSourcifying (this was a verb that National Public Radio coined; it means applying our techniques to NPR programming) .

      I’m looking for some other consulting work, as well. If you know of anything media-related, give a shout.
      Mary McGrath

    17. Hi Jeremiah,

      I just stumbled on your blog today!

      My name is Jaime and I have been looking for a job in social media. As the writer/editor of a successful blog for over 2 years now, I have seen the rise of social media and have reaped the benefits of using it for business purposes. I’m really excited at the idea of being able to bring this experience into a “day job”, as I have been mostly doing this as a hobby after work. This experience and my 7 years of project management experience would really be a benefit to any company. Look forward to learning more about social media opportunities!

      Thanks again,

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