Thank Your Tech Support

Last week, I wish I had more time to be a bit more appreciative. I had a quite a few meetings on one of the days yesterday, and started to have issues with Outlook. I sent an email to Helpdesk, and they immediately responded and helped solved my issue all while I was on the phone helping clients.

I forgot to thank them properly, so sent over a quick appreciation note this morning, it’s really important to remember those that are fighting for you behind the scenes, that don’t get the public eye.

So be sure to be thankful and appreciative to your tech support folks this week (and ongoing) those that help with your computers, network, databases, servers, storage, hosting, telecom, applications, management teams, and whatever/whoever else I missed. (Also, I realize that many IT departments are business enablement, not just support, but you get the idea)

If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to get business done, infrastructure doesn’t need to be a thankless job.

Thanks Technical Support, as we can’t get our jobs done without you.

5 Replies to “Thank Your Tech Support”

  1. I’m so glad there’s someone else out there who recognizes the importance of doing this! I sit with my team weekly and dole out “Kudos”. Each of my employees are to recognize at least 1 person they’ve had positive contact with in the last week. I send an email to their boss and copy that person and my entire team. I follow-up by sending that person a special card just for them as a personal thank you.

    Sure, I get hassled for doing this by my peers as they feel it’s brown-nosing but I feel it’s important for team/company morale!

  2. Also, having run a web host for 4 years, an “out of the blue” thank you note when there have been no tech problems for a while is a wonderful bit of recognition to the hard work people have been doing to make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

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