People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Jan 17, 2008


I’m starting this series of posts tagged On The Move (click to see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. We should congratulate the following folks:

  • Robert Scoble (former colleague) leaves Podtech Network to join Fast Company to start up the video network. Robert is an innovator, fantastic blogger, and media personality in one. This is a good fit for him, he’s moving to a mainstream role, gets to focus on telling stories and sharing information (rather than going to a tool company). He’ll have a few challenges of course, I expect him to reinvent his videos, while still delivering his fun, goofy, personality that we all love. Congrats to Robert, a pioneer in the industry.
  • Rocky Barbanica (also former colleague at PodTech) will be joining Fast Company to lead the video production for the ScobleShow and whatever comes next. Rocky is a video editor and producer, and helped me publish many of my videos. Since they’re a team, we look forward to seeing how he’ll step up the production value of Robert’s work, congrats to him
  • Mike McGrath (who’s been leading the Silicon Valley Social Media Club) announces from his blog that he’s joining social media consulting shop The Conversation Group (see the partners)
  • John Lilly rises to a new position from COO to CEO at Mozilla Corporation. I met John at the recent brownbag I was invited to at Mozilla HQ, he was extremely engaged, knowledgeable and friendly. Best of luck to him
  • Matt Dickman of TechnoMarketer blog fame has now become Director, Digital Marketing at Fleishman-Hillard in Cleveland, Ohio. If you enjoy my blog, you’ll also enjoy his, so I recommend you subscribe. Many PR firms are hiring social media practitioners and strategists, expect this trend to continue
  • Chris Horne joins as senior product manager for MediaTrust’s relevance and social media technologies, press release here, submitted from the CEO of MediaTrust himself

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    11 Replies to “People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Jan 17, 2008”

    1. Great to see that people in the small circle of social media are now being taken seriously!

      Publisher Relations, Lookery
      Director of Social Media Content, Lending Club

    2. Rex, yes these roles are moving into corporate, they’ve a seat at the table to make decisions, and impact marketing, products, and support.

      Dawn, thanks, it’s a great industry to serve, it’s a very ‘giving’ industry.

    3. Jeremiah,

      Thanks for your insight. It’s great to be a part of such an exciting and emerging field.My company takes SMM very seriously and doesn’t plan a campaign without including and consulting with my SMM team.

      Social Media Coordinator
      Bodog Music

    4. It’s amazing how quickly the importance of the social web has grown. Just being a few years out of college, I’ve seen the buzz grow into solid work. I will definitely be checking out the job boards since I’m looking.

      Thanks Jeremiah!

    5. Jeremiah, on the self-promotion side of the equation…I just moved this past week from 17 years of IT support in the legal industry to an entry-level customer support position with web development and e-marketing company Elliance, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. This move is in part due to familial needs and in part due to my past work in both customer support and podcasting/social media. I intend to continue podcasting the Minute Tech podcast, but also seek to expand into using Seesmic and life-casting, as well as continue vlogging via my site.

    6. Self-promotion, I find it hard to balance the self promotion side of social media, but I’m getting accustomed to self-promotion, without being a jerk. Hopefully.

      I just was promoted from Account Coordinator & BlogMaster to Social Media Strategist at Terpin Communications.

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