Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD

It’s hard to believe that this desire to thank those on the front lines in digital mediums between customers and companies took off so quickly. The first year, it was just a murmur online and now it’s spread on its own to physical events around the world. I had nothing to do with the first group (Boston) leading the first ever physical event, but then quickly suggested that other regions (even my local area SF) to step up.

Blogs, Tweets, Pictures, and Videos of CMAD around the Globe:
Below I’ll curate the interesting voices around the world at the 2nd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Find events and voices


Discussions about the role

Select Tweets:
I’m watching the various streams, and it’s very hard to keep up (data from Alterian found over 2000 tweets), but here are some select tweets.


Kindly leave a comment below and I’ll aggregate into this post.

What’s success? In year 3 and beyond it just happens on its own, and I don’t have to promote if further, people forget that I spurred it. The real testament if our friends at Hallmark are able to get behind it.

And most importantly, a sincere thanks to those Community Managers are forging the relationships between customers and companies using these new technologies.

Thank you.

Stats how the day unfolded online from Alterian, see blog.

Spiceworks, an online community for the IT community literally rolls out the red carpet for Nic, their CM, more details, and read Nic’s perspective (be sure to read the various comments from all threads).

Want to hear what the job is really like? CA’s Community Managers show how they reach thousands of customers each day,

more info here.

Community Manager Insights from Get Satisfaction

Edelman Celebrates Community Managers with Quotes from the Industry

Boston was the first group to announce the first physical meetup and had over 120 registrants, see pics above, more here from SMC.

The Online Community Manager
From Dion Hinchliffe, at ZDNet about the Community Manager’s many roles

Get in my head! Community Managers from Get Satisfaction
Get Satisfaction has an interesting infographic on this role. Yes, glitter farts.

Happy CMAD from Cisco
Cisco salutes CMs with this graphic, lasso time.

Africa’s first Community Manager’s Day is document on this site, videos embedded above