PR Scorecard For Social Media Vendors

I really want to hear about the great things your company is doing. In fact, I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to this industry, and you can tell by efforts I’m really listening.

It’s important to remember that social media vendors need to walk the talk, and that means demonstrating your social media prowess that you are claiming to sell. I’m all for press releases, they have a specific purpose, but I won’t link in my digests, regular blog posts, twitter and maybe even my reports if you don’t demonstrate how you’re part of the discussion using the very tools you sell. Engage us with a blog post, invite your clients to comment, create a video demo, walk us through the new changes, maybe we’ll embed it, create a community or a wiki to show where customers can go to get support.

Social Media Vendor Announcement Scorecard

  • Pathetic: Do nothing
  • Poor: Press release, no social media
  • Ok: Press release, social media announcements
  • Good: Attempt to create a conversation in your market
  • Great: Create a conversation in your market, that has a life of it’s own and spreads, with no need of a press release
  • Extra credit: Bonus points for using your actual product.

    Vendors, rate your PR firms, are they good? great? PR firms, what has your client done in the past? Can you amp it up for them? PR folks, you have a business opportunity here. Given that recent research shows predicts about 20% in many key areas, here’s an opportunity to help your clients be more successful–and convincing of their releases.

    Hell, I have to hold myself accountable too, it would be ridiculous for me to stand in front of a client without actually using the tools I cover, so vendors, you can scrutinize me in return. Let’s check each other, and make sure we’re really doing what we say we do. I could have been mean about this and started a ‘walk of shame’ list and egg-faced companies and PR folks, but we’ve seen enough of that, I hope this helps, I’d rather be constructive.

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