Top Three Answers of Industry Analysts

I caught myself doing this last night at a dinner with a dozen CEOs and a venture firm, I guess I’m really starting to talk like an analyst. Analysts are often in the power position, but need to get their large egos (I’m guilty) chopped down to size once in awhile, so let’s start here. Here’s a chance for AR and PR folks to have some fun with dealing with those tenacious analysts.

Top Three Answers of Industry Analysts:

1) It depends.

2) On one hand… on the other hand…

3) It’s complicated, fortunately I wrote a report about it.

No, we didn’t get any training to answer this way, it comes with experience, heh.

You gotta laugh at yourself once in a while, and enjoy the journey, I’m in self-analysis mode right now. Why? I don’t do everything right in fact, I’ve made a few mistakes in front of clients, one very recently, and I need to check myself, sometimes it stings, but I have to remember to fail fast.

Today I’m headed to the office for some early morning meetings, then up to the Web 2.0 Summit, where I’ll be meeting some vendors, and hear Al Gore speak. Tomorrow at 6am I fly out to Colorado to keynote the Thin Air Summit.

So, what are the other 4+ answers you frequently hear from analysts? Have fun with this one, tgif.