I Donated to the Red Cross (and others are too)

I realize that this is completely off topic from the Web Strategy blog, but I’ve a loud voice, and there’s many well to do readers of this blog, so this is one of the best ways I can apply my resources.

I’ve got earthquake supplies in my closet and garage, I know the ‘big one’ is going to hit us someday in Silicon Valley and it’s going to be pretty bad, I’m expecting at least a week without proper aid or food. I’m sure that things are much worse in Burma and China, so I’m somewhat sensitive to this disaster.

Death Toll:
Cyclone at Burma: Over 34,000 dead, Updated May 13th
Earthquake in China: Over 12,000 dead Updated May 13th
Update Wed: Over 60,000 are missing, death toll could rise.

I donated some money, although not enough to turn the tide. I’m curious, what are you doing out there? Leave links to organizations that are helping, in particular those that are using the internet to do good.

You can start by donating to the American Red Cross, or World Vision.

Update: over 1000 students are injured, not good.

Update 2: Yo Scoble, I see you’re talking about Twitter and the earthquake, why not do a blogpost pointing to the redcross or some other org that can help? You’ve got 3 times the juice I got. Do something with it!

Update 2.5: Scoble came through and told 22,000+ people on Twitter, thanks!

Update 3: Eric Gonzales, who I’ve known since 2000 has donated and is spreading the word. Daniele has posted that he donated as well, thanks. Eric of CN reviews is posting up pictures, videos, and live reports, staggering. Len Devanna, EMC’s Web Strategist has also donated, he’s someone worth knowing, I’ve met him several times.

Update 4: Tuesday morning, I feel a snowball effect happening, this is great

Update 5: Wednesday Morning: Damon Billian of the mint (and someone I’ve known for a few years) has donated $100, see comment 34. Elliot Ng has put together a list of ways you can donate, not just to the Red Cross.

Update 6: Wednesday Morning: Alright, now we’re getting traction, Sarah Lacy has donated money too!