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The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)
It’s a role at many large corporations, a program and defines a scope. Find out what it means (the three spheres) the roles and requirements needed to do it right.

How to explain Open Social to your executives.
There’s a lot of geek talk about this new alliance between Google, MySpace, Six Apart, LinkedIn, Oracle, and Salesforce, but what does it really mean? I explain in clear English with my analysis.

Explaining what the “Social Graph” is to your Executives
Similar to the one listed above, this explains the concept, again in boiled down easy to understand English.

Web Strategy (Advanced): Applying a Social Computing Strategy to the entire Product Lifecycle
For the corporation that is really advanced and wants to apply social media to all aspects of the customer experience. Do not attempt until your organization is ready.

Web Strategy Planning

How to evolve your Irrelevant corporate website
When I first introduced this concept at a conference, some audience members were not happy with me, they felt threatened that all of their energy fixing the corporate website will need to change. The earth turns.

The Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist
“This document catalogs the many tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy in 2007. Even if your strategy or resource limitations restrict you from entering all spaces, awareness of the changes in our digital landscape are critical.”

Web Strategy: The Many Forms of Monetization using the Web
Here’s all the various ways that companies can generate revenues from their website.


What the Web Strategist should know about Twitter
“Twitter, a scalable instant messaging service, is being used by early adopters in the tech industry, what is it? and how can it improve my communications?”

Web Program Management

Web Project Lifecycle

Communications, PR, Corporate Communications

Edgeworks Concept: How Social Media impacts Company Communications (Expanding upon Brian Oberkirch’s theory)
Are you in corporate communications or PR? This one is for you.

The Impacts of Social Media on Corporate Customer Reference Programs
Traditionally, these programs have companies harvest customer opinions and hand back (filtered) to customers. What happens when customers talk to themselves directly.

Listening to the Market

Using Delicious for Marketing Research

Social Media Measurement