Call for Insights: Contribute to our next report on the industry impacts of blockchain

Crowd Companies’ next research report will explore the industry and business impacts of blockchain beyond financial services and we’re looking for qualified interview subjects.

We’ve explored many resources, videos, conferences, articles, and books on the topic of blockchain technology, and found a gap in its in-depth analysis around potential opportunities within all industries. Yes, we’ll include financial services (and the stock market) in our research, but we primarily seek to uncover impacts to insurance; healthcare; supply chain management; manufacturing and distribution; retail; travel; media and telecommunications; government, municipal and legal; and farming and agriculture.

Research findings will also reveal hurdles that corporations must overcome before implementing blockchain, as well as specific use cases for blockchain in every industry, from smart contracts; to electronic medical records; to secure transactions; to digital asset management; to Internet of Things (IoT) implications; and more. Crowd Companies research will broaden the horizon of blockchain beyond typical base understanding of Bitcoin to showcase how every corporation can ultimately benefit from this disruptive technology and work its way toward becoming a distributed autonomous organization (DAO).

And, we’re looking for your insights! Do you fulfill one or more of the below criteria for interview?

  • Have a baseline knowledge of blockchain and actively pursuing its applications. Note: Technical knowledge of blockchain is not a requirement, but how it can be applied to your business or industry is.
  • Build new customer experiences (B2B or B2C) brought forth by blockchain.
  • Contribute to company business model changes on an innovation team, IT, digital, legal, or another department responsible for blockchain research and implementation.
  • Work for a startup or vendor that provides blockchain services or applications to fit a specific industrial or cross-industry use case.
  • Have advanced knowledge of blockchain and viewed as a thought leader or subject matter expert.

If so, please fill out the form at this link.

We’ll review every submission and will contact you via email for interview if you fulfill our qualifications. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts in contributing to our research.

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