Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2 –Watch it Grow

Above Image: Honeycomb 2.0, click and access multiple sizes stored on Flickr, Please share widely, with attribution, non-commercially. The first version had six industries –now it’s twelve I’ll be releasing this graphic on stage tomorrow at LeWeb conference in Paris, on a session called 2015: The Year of the Crowd. Seven months ago, in May 2014, we published the first version of the Collaborative Economy Honeycomb, which is also embedded at the bottom of this post. It contained six families of industries that are being impacted by P2P commerce, including: 1) Goods, 2) Food, 3) Services, 4) Transportation, 5) Space, and 6) Money. Today, we felt obliged to update the graphic, as it’s quickly expanded into many other industries and verticals. While … Continue reading Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2 –Watch it Grow