Slides and Data: The Collaborative Economy Disrupts Revenue

Below: see embedded slides, also on Slideshare

Ten years ago, we forecasted that social media would be disruptive to corporations. It was, but mainly to marketing functions, customer care, and corporate communications functions.

Fast forward to today, using these technologies and mobile apps, we’re seeing the rise of people getting what they need from each other: They’re sharing homes, cars, rides, money, goods, and their time.

This Collaborative Economy is forcing companies to rethink the relationship they have with their customers as the crowd is starting to become a competitor. In the embedded slideshare, I’m collecting stats of disruption and will update it over time as the market continues to develop.

To learn more, advance to my full body of work on the Collaborative Economy, including slides, research, info graphics, and more. Also, learn more about Crowd Companies, an association for large companies who want to lead this movement.

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