Maker Movement and 3D Printing: Industry Stats

A large crowd convenes at a Maker Faire for the full scale mouse trap. This maker movement puts power in the hands of the people to fund, design, prototype, produce, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their own goods. This movement impacts global manufacturing as creation shifts geographically to local, philosophically to sustainability and legally to force the adaptation of new IP laws as people move from consuming to creating and sharing. The following material features links, sources and dates, sorted in logical orders, to help you find key data that you’ll need to make informed decisions. Additionally, I’ll link to other listings and indexes that will provide further context. One of my goals is to serve as an industry curator … Continue readingMaker Movement and 3D Printing: Industry Stats

Uber’s Business Model Reframes Cheaper, Better, Faster.

  Uber redefines transportation by tapping new business models. This age-old pyramid diagram above is the basis for many business models. Companies typically choose only one or two of the following qualities: Cheap, Fast, or Quality. To apply this model to the Collaborative Economy, let’s analyze how Uber’s products are fitting into the value propositions across various segments of the triangle. Uber continues to roll out new products, to take on new business opportunities and to combat opposition. To date, Uber is locked in a bloody war with the city of Paris, managing marauding taxi protesters, city regulations that require an Uber to wait 15 minutes before picking up a passenger and increasing bureaucracy at every turn. To combat the latest set … Continue readingUber’s Business Model Reframes Cheaper, Better, Faster.

How does the Collaborative Economy Weed out the Jerks?

Question: When the crowd gets what they need from each other, who will monitor, regulate, ensure, and even insure? Olivier Blanchard, a leading voice for digital business, posed a great question to a Facebook group in which we participate, asking how the sharing economy will contend with jerks that will mess with the sharing space. I’m paraphrasing his excellent question: “There are millions of jerks out there who will either resist this outright or try to twist it into something else if they get a chance.” He’s right. There are incidents that have already happened where someone visited an Airbnb and trashed the house, a car-sharing driver killed someone, crowd-funding has been used to commit fraud or, in the gift economy where people share goods for free, … Continue readingHow does the Collaborative Economy Weed out the Jerks?