When Everything Looks like a Nail

You’ll frequently see me rant on this blog about how not to start your social media program at your company by selecting a tool. When you’ve only got a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Instead, at Forrester, we prescribe you focus on the people and the relationships they have with each other, rather than starting with tools. Besides, two years ago we were hot on blogs, and this year, we’re shifting to Facebook and Twitter, new tools come and go.

Develop a strategy based on having real business objectives: Listening, Talking, Energizing, Supporting, or Embracing, rather than having a “blogging strategy” or “email strategy”.

Colleague Peter Kim and I will be hosting a full day workshop on understanding social computing for your business. We’ll teach, step by step, how brands can understand what the Groundswell is and then how to approach the POST methodology of understanding People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technologies to develop social media strategies.

We hope to see you at the Social Computing workshop on June 5th in Cambridge Mass.

I don’t just recommend our services, which quite honestly are for the large corporation with large budget, but also take a look at the good work the Marketing Profs have been doing, such as this upcoming workshop with Chris Brogan, or check out the Conversation Group, who are also doing good work and put on presentations and events.

Just as I pitched my services on this post, I’m absolutely ok with you offering any webinars or workshops on the topic of social media for business, leave a comment below, but always remember to add value to the conversation.