The Collaborative Economy Raises Over $800m In One Month

Who says there’s no money in sharing?  Data shows adoption rates by people will double in next year My recent post in the WSJ Accelerator series stated that adoption of the Collaborative Economy is going to double, according to 90,000 people surveyed from the general population from the US, the UK, and Canada. Also, Bazzarvoice’s CMO, Lisa Pearson, points out that the peer-to-peer commerce movement is growing as people are now able to get goods, services, space, transportation, and money from each other. All of this information is well-known to VCs already. Their access to the startups they invest in allows them to see raw growth numbers from the startups themselves. Over the past year I’ve chronicled funding in this space, analyzed the investors, and broken … Continue readingThe Collaborative Economy Raises Over $800m In One Month

Airbnb Blooms an Entire Ecosystem of Startups

Airbnb valued at $10b –without owning a single bed, room, or building Airbnb, worth over $10 billion after only six short years, is one of the fastest growing hospitality brands in the world – yet they don’t own a single hotel room. This two-sided marketplace of guests and hosts, has built an entire economy out of idle rooms and homes, tapping into social trends of going more local, global recession, and enabling technology like mobile, social and cloud services. An ecosystem of startups emerges in orbit Like Apple’s iTunes, Facebook’s app platform, and Salesforce’s AppExchange launched developer programs that blossomed into entire ecosystems, Airbnb has unintentionally crafted a blossoming ecosystem of value-added service providers throughout their growing marketplace.  The SF … Continue readingAirbnb Blooms an Entire Ecosystem of Startups

How I’m experimenting with Life-as-a-Service

Is life-as-a-service efficient or lazy? I say yes. Life delivered, or rented, on-demand. What does “life as a service” mean? It means one’s lifestyle needs are obtained on-demand, or as a subscription service, rather than having to purchase or acquire them through traditional commerce models. To best understand the collaborative economy market, I’m trying to live it within my own personal life as well as my business life. This means that I can rent or borrow goods rather than own them. It also means the things that I want can be delivered to me without me having to visit traditional retail stores. I keep a “purchase log” to be mindful of consumption of goods I’ve reduced my consumption of durable goods. In fact, I keep … Continue readingHow I’m experimenting with Life-as-a-Service

A Taxonomy Of The Collaborative Economy –And What Brands Are Doing About It.

Confused about how crowdfunding, maker movement and sharing fit into the larger Collaborative Economy? This diagram brings all of these trends together into one so you can see how the crowd is getting what they need from each other – rather than buying from traditional corporations. Find out why more than 40,000 people have viewed the full report “Sharing is the new buying” for the complete study. Above Graphic: This image distills this large movement of over 9000 startups into a single diagram by five families, eleven classes, and a sample of district startups. Working closely with Dr. Alexandra Samuel of Vision Critical, I’m pleased to present a working taxonomy, outlining the ecosystem of the Collaborative Economy. Our goal was to segment this … Continue readingA Taxonomy Of The Collaborative Economy –And What Brands Are Doing About It.

Collaborative Economy Adoption is Going to Double

Respondents in the largest study in the new peer-to-peer economy reported that they plan to double usage in next 12 months. Brands must develop a strategy in this new market and avoid being bypassed from peer-to-peer economic models. Above Graphic: Dark colored bars indicate adoption in last 12 months, light colored bars indicate adoption in next 12 months; this nascent market is quickly growing. Read the full report which surveyed over 90,000 people: Sharing is the New Buying This post is a section of a March 2013 report on the collaborative economy, in which I partnered with Vision Critical, titled, “Sharing is the new buying.” You can download the whole report and read the coverage by Fast Company: “The Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, … Continue readingCollaborative Economy Adoption is Going to Double

The White House Embraces the Maker Movement

Large companies seek signals from market leaders on future trends –so they can align their plans in the right direction. One clear signal that rings loud and clear is the United States White House’s commitment to innovation in the Maker Movement. The Maker Movement, which we consider part of the larger Collaborative Economy, empowers people to build their own goods in their community and offering it to others in a global marketplace. They use simple wood working tools, create new types of food, or tap advanced technologies like 3D printing. Crowd Companies was honored to host the White House on a members concall to learn about their vision and commitment towards the Maker Movement. Now the Maker Movement is gaining … Continue readingThe White House Embraces the Maker Movement

Graphic: A Timeline of Corporations in the Collaborative Economy

Crowds are on the rise, backed by powerful technology. The collaborative economy is a powerful movement. People are sharing goods, services, space, and money with each other. Also, they are crowd funding and making their own products outside of traditional factories. They are using powerful technologies, including social networks, mobile devices, the internet of things and mobile payment systems. In all cases, they’re getting what they need from each other, rather than from inefficient corporations. This peer-to-peer commerce economy is enabling the crowd to become like a company, disrupting traditional business models. It’s also going to double in adoption, says our recent report. Companies are joining the movement, partnering with the crowd. Innovative and bold brands have already joined in … Continue readingGraphic: A Timeline of Corporations in the Collaborative Economy

Brands On the Rise In the Collaborative Economy

140 character summary: Brands joining the collaborative economy at a rapid pace as a P2P economy rises. The above frequency chart (up till April 2nd, 2014) shows the instances of corporations who’ve deployed in the Collaborative Economy, based on this growing list. The Collaborative Economy Empowers Peer 2 Peer Commerce. I’ve written a fair amount about corporations in the Collaborative Economy, and have even started an association for large companies, called Crowd Companies. , so tracking this space is not just a passion, but core to my work. In a future post, I’ll list out the specific instances in a timeline, so you can further see how companies are moving into this space. This movement shifts power to the people – but brands … Continue readingBrands On the Rise In the Collaborative Economy