Did You Delete Your Facebook Account?

I’ve been receiving many inquiries from friends, colleagues, and even family about Facebook’s third privacy debacle over it’s Terms of Service. The first two were turning on the news page and showing people network activity, and the second was the Beacon advertisement issue. Now, this third one has caused a revolt among users who did not want their information used ‘forever’ by Facebook and many started an internal Groundswell (this Facebook group has 121,000 members in protest), and some deleted their accounts.

Facebook responded, both with this message from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and even their ‘delete account’ page (careful. don’t delete your account by accident) has some new “don’t leave me please” aimed at stopping those from puling the trigger.

I want to hear from you, did you delete your Facebook account (or think about it?) leave a comment below, and tell your story. I’m not using this for any reports or anything, I just have a genuine curiosity to know why someone deleted their account, and the impacts it has on them. If you’re curious like I am, see all these in Twitter who are discussing deleting, or have halted using their Facebook accounts.

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