Notes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 2)

These are incomplete notes, I’ll link to others that have notes, I’m getting pulled into different meetings and can’t devote as much time as I would want, thanks. Is your enterprise ready for Rich Media? Lynda Brown provides the IX conference a curtain raising speech, she provides a fantastic overview of how social media is impacting the enterprise. I like her point that ther are many identities being mashed into one. What is rich media? It’s Responsive, Interactive, Content that Helps. Brilliant! Mike Downey of Adobe gave a great presentation with an overview to Rich internet applications. He addressed the need for web-based and client based web applications, the future will be a hybrid type of model. Ebay and Adobe … Continue readingNotes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 2)

Notes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 1)

As you know, I’m here on a mission to understand Singapore’s tech industry, adoption of Social Media and to share what I know. Venue We’re at Singapore’s gorgeous SunTec Convention center, despite a bit of rains last night, I’m expecting a great day. There was an active backchannel using 37 Signals Campfire application, nearly all of the users were adding to the conversations, asking questions. The panel moderators were asking questions from the backchannel, great job. In the US, we’ve reduced the use of public back channels as there’s been some. Session notes Opening keynote by Pek Yew Chai followed by Anders of Henton of Denmark. Chan Yang Kit, the CEO of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Historically, the IT … Continue readingNotes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 1)

Singapore beckons

After a 20 hour flight, we made it beautiful Singapore, above you can see some of the sky/waterline. The weather? hot and humid. Did you know this is one of the highest per capita nations and cities in all of Asia, and the primary language is English? If you’re reading this blog, you can get around just fine. What else did I learn? Owning a car is expensive here, and it’s better to just use the local taxi industry. The flats here are just as expensive as San Francisco (about $600-700k), but you get a highly developed, clean, and safe city. I just heard on the news that Singapore is actually more expensive to live in than New York! Did … Continue readingSingapore beckons

Headed to Singapore, exploring Tech Industry

In a few days I’m headed to Singapore to speak at the IX 2007 conference, as rich media hits the corporate enterprise, technologists need to prepare, understand the changing media needs. I’ll be presenting corporate media strategies as well as a primer course on social media to the local university. Will be getting a bit of rest and relaxation, taking a few days off. James Seng has been instrumental in helping me organize and get coordinated, as well as Sebastian Deschamps, who even helped me organize some side trips to Tioman Island. A few weeks ago, I organized a blogger dinner on June 21st in Singapore, it’s now grown into a full blown event (Sign up here), Steve Ng Ming … Continue readingHeaded to Singapore, exploring Tech Industry

Approaching 95 miles per hour

I’m getting closer to 100 MPH, it’s 4:30 am and I’ve been up doing my work, preparing for presentations etc. Sunday was busy, I stopped by Brian Solis’s bbq before going to Shel Israel’s bbq, it was actually fun to see all these people outside of a work context. Monday I recorded a discussion with the famed Marketing Profs on the topic of Social Media and Customer Reference programs, which is track on the virtual conference called “How to Find New B-to-B Customers Online“, you can sign up on this site, it’s fully interactive with chat and slides. I also video interviewed Jim Sterne, one of the web analytics gurus, who invited me to speak at his emetrics summit in … Continue readingApproaching 95 miles per hour

Singapore blogger meetup June 21st

I’m heading to Singapore for the IX 2007 Conference on Convergence, Collaboration, and Creativity Technology pundits love to communicate, both online and in person, I propose a casually dinner (where everyone pays their own way) on June 21st. If you’re a blogger in Singapore and want to come out and connect, please join us, you can leave a comment below saying you’re going to attend. I hope James Seng can make it, he’s got some interesting thoughts on why Singapore is not ready for Web 2.0. Details: Location: Suanthai Thai Restaurant 103 Killiney Road When: June 21st, 6pm Who’s coming: I’m hopin Allan, Brian, and James to start with. I know Michael Arrington will be there at the conference, I … Continue readingSingapore blogger meetup June 21st

Heading to Singapore in June: IX Conference, Singapore Management University –Digital Media in the Enterprise

I’ve been invited to share at the IX Conference in Singapore, looking forward to visiting this area, I’ll be swinging down to Malaysia as well. Topics at the conference are right up my direction: Social Media in the enterprise: 20th June 2007 (2.00 pm to 2.40 pm) – What is Social Media? Academic Forum @ Singapore Management University Campus, main Conference Hall Level 5 21st June 2007 (12.00 noon to 12.20 pm) – Video & Audio Podcast iX Main Congress @ Suntec Singapore, Ballroom Level 2 If you’re in the area, I look forward to meeting you, or please attend the conference (speaker list). Former colleague Allen Tan and I are going to meetup. Are there any tech bloggers in … Continue readingHeading to Singapore in June: IX Conference, Singapore Management University –Digital Media in the Enterprise