MySpace Developer Platform: Jim Benedetto, MySpace

Live notes as I sit in the front row at Graphing Social Platform. Web Strategy Summary MySpace continues to beckon to developers to build widgets and applications on their social networks. They are friendly to industry-wide specs such as OpenSocial and are putting efforts to protect privacy, and uphold security. Despite this welcoming to developers, constraints are set in place to protect the user experience as well as provide incentive for developers to create thriving applications. A balance will need to be found to appease MySpace, Users, Developers, and eventually new marketers. If you’re seeking more on widgets, please visit all posts tagged widgets. Current Status Current apps (as of today) are limited to 5 users, and is not full … Continue readingMySpace Developer Platform: Jim Benedetto, MySpace

For Success, Facebook Marketing Requires Risk Tolerance

[It’s a perfect day here in San Diego at Graphing Social Patterns, we’re right on the waterfront, but us geeks, well we tweeted, blogged, and talked in a dark room] Most of the presentations this morning have been very developer focused, I’m covering Graphing Social from the Web Strategists’ perspective: Web decision makers in corporate. Rodney Rumford gave a Facebook Marketing 101 presentations and explains how businesses can use widgets to reach customers. Facebook gives you multiple ways to reach customers, and with them spending 20 minutes per day, the attention is there. In the presentation from BJ Fogg who co-ran the Facebook class at Stanford, they developed applications, that they estimated totaled $500,000 in revenue from the students efforts … Continue readingFor Success, Facebook Marketing Requires Risk Tolerance

Commemorating the Idiocy of the Dot Com Era: Did we Repeat or Reform?

What idiocy am I talking about? The idiocy of the first web craze from 1998-2001. I started off my career working at Exodus Communications, a premiere web host for the top web brands, at the headquarters in Santa Clara, in the heart of the valley during the height of the boom. I’m moderating a panel at Graphing Social Patterns, which is focused on the current hot market, social networking, which I cover as an analyst, and comment on frequently. To me, it’s important to remember where we’ve been, as it’s an indicator of where we’ll go, and I’m not just going to only look at the benefits, but will also highlight the challenges that this industry has. Let’s start by … Continue readingCommemorating the Idiocy of the Dot Com Era: Did we Repeat or Reform?

The Many Challenges of Widgets

Before you invest time and money in a widget strategy, you better know the challenges. This applies to VCs, Web Strategists, Developers, and even Social network companies An Objective View In this blog, I strive to provide a balanced viewpoint of both the benefits and challenges of a web strategy, it’s easy for us to become over-hyped and then fall right into the pit of over exuberance. (See other posts tagged Challenge) I’m moderating quite a few panels with widget developers (last week at Stanford, next week at Graphing Social, and in a few weeks at Ad:Tech) so I’ll be using many of these challenges to hold the vendors to their claims. First, a few parameters: Update: This list of … Continue readingThe Many Challenges of Widgets

Where to find me in March

Seems like everything is picking up, there are more conferences, workshops, and webinars appearing at –the space is booming. Everyone has questions about social networks, and there’s a lot of interest around widgets and the promise of OpenSocial. Here’s where you can find me in the month of March Online Community Keynote, The Knight Journalism School | UC Berkeley, March 27, 2008 Last time I visited the journalism school, we had a great roundtable, looking to expand on this Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives | Mountain View, March 25th To date, I’m really proud to be invited, I’m the only male speaker at this point. SNAP Summit | San Francisco, March 25th If you’re in the social networking space, … Continue readingWhere to find me in March

Silicon Valley is getting busy

Silicon Valley: 3 tech events every day I also talked to a colleague and I told her that there was about 3 tech events every weekday in Silicon Valley, you can hunt through, or see this list of local user groups in Silicon Valley that regularly meet. Example: 7 events tonight And these are just those I know of: 1 Dataportability Meetup (Chris Saad) 2 Geek Dinner with Dr. Richard Clayton (with dotBen) 3 Bowlr US (with Scoble) 4 SF PHP: OOps! The PHP Fear and Loathing Guide to Basic Object-Oriented Design 5 Orkut OpenSocial Hackathons (at GooglePlex) 6 How to Effectively Use Social Media for Search Marketing Campaigns (Joey Wan) 7 And I’ll be speaking at the Deal … Continue readingSilicon Valley is getting busy

Learnings from the Widget Roundtable

Dave McClure (who helps teach the Stanford Facebook class, and runs the Graphing Social Patterns conference), Justin Smith (of Inside Facebook), Rodney Rumford (of FaceReviews), and myself brainstormed last night trying to understand the current state and direction of the emerging widget industry. The widget universe is vast with a lot of variation. So although the initial goals was to try to categorize the widgets into clean buckets, and we found that to be an impossible task. Widgets can often have multiple attributes, so instead we focused on attributes and characteristics, rather than groupings. We developed a couple of models, (none that are perfected) but noticed a few ways to look at the attributes: Levels of Data Interaction Highest | … Continue readingLearnings from the Widget Roundtable

Widget Roundtable: Categorizing the Industry

[Viral Marketing doesn’t work, tell everyone you know] Left: Dave McClure is being Ironic. According to Flickr, this is my MOST popular photograph, even more popular than my photo that got on digg and received 200,000 views. Problems Currently, there are over 13,000 widgets on Facebook, and we should expect that number to increase exponentially as companies like MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, and all other networks become containers for widgets to grow on top of them. Goals Help users, marketers, developers, and the industry better understand the widget industry. Help define where widgets are heading, what are trends, and what to plan for next. What we’re going to do Sadly, there’s no way to accurately describe widgets, measure them consistently, … Continue readingWidget Roundtable: Categorizing the Industry

2 Minute Video: Dave McClure on Facebook

Click To Play (I interviewed Dave, if you can’t see the embedded flash player, go directly to this post) Dave tells us about the growing phenomenon known as Facebook, have you heard of it? It’s taking hold here in Hong Kong I’m finding out, the registered users doubled in two weeks from 50,000 to 100,000 registered users. The Master of 500 hats has a conference hat, as he’s putting on this upcoming Facebook conference called Graphing Social. Dave was one of the major coordinators for the Web 2.0 expo, so I’m sure he’ll pull this one off with ease, I like his diverse speaker roster. I’ll be out of town, but would attend if possible. Are you planning to go

Altimeter’s Four Disruption Themes for Business

Jeremiah: This was initially posted on the official Altimeter blog, which I’m now cross-posting here on Web Strategy. I’m personally proud, that our research team can come together as one unit to do this, and look at many technologies and identify broader themes as a collective. Once in a while, I pinch myself at how fun work can be, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  Here’s the post: By Altimeter’s Research Team Analysts: Susan Etlinger, Charlene Li, Rebecca Lieb, Jeremiah Owyang, Chris Silva, Brian Solis; Consulting: Ed Terpening, Alan Webber; Researchers: Jon Cifuentes, Jessica Groopman, Andrew Jones, Jaimy Szymanski, Christine Tran Over 30 Technologies Have Emerged, at a Faster Pace than Companies Can Digest. If you think social was … Continue readingAltimeter’s Four Disruption Themes for Business