Live Streaming at Web 2.0 Expo (Does this Help or Hurt Conferences?)

Mario Sundar took a picture of me Live Streaming the Conference (pic via Mario Sundar) 5 Foot tripod and 2 inch camera (pic via Mario Sundar) I asked in the chat room during the live stream if hurt or helped Tim O’Reilly by me streaming the conference. For a lot of folks, paying $1500 is certainly expensive to attend (I think that’s the cost, I’m not sure) when you add in airfare and hotel and other travel bills, going to conferences can sure add up. There were 30-50 people that were on the live cast at any given time, and I’m sure it will be more tommorow. Folks recorded it and put it on Google Video in near-real time, so … Continue readingLive Streaming at Web 2.0 Expo (Does this Help or Hurt Conferences?)

Web Usage: 1/3rd of Internet Users in US use Wireless

Pew Reports that the ubiquity of the Internet continues to grow as Internet users continue to adopt wireless access: “34% of internet users have logged on with a wireless internet connection either at home, at work, or someplace else.” Of those above, the report indicates that most usage is checking news, and using email. The trust or adoption of accesing the internet not just at home (the coffee shop perhaps?) increases: “27% of adult internet users have logged onto the internet using a wireless device at some place other than their home or place of employment.” As this continues forward, more individuals will not be bound by physical boundaries or cables at home or work to access information about weather, … Continue readingWeb Usage: 1/3rd of Internet Users in US use Wireless

Mobile Phones in Japan

Japan is frequently several years ahead of the states when it comes to mobile infrastructure and devices. I’ve taken some pictures of a few phones at a mobile phone store in Okayama last night. My cousin (he lives here) has friends with phones that have 5 megapixel onboard cameras, my puny brand new mobile phone from US has only 1.3, and that forces me to take my Canon Camera around, hopefully in a few years, convergence will let me only take one device: Phone, MP3, and Mobile Communicator These were ‘demo’ devices, but if you bought it you would get the real authentic one. As I mentioned earlier, mobile technology is still very strong here in Japan.         … Continue readingMobile Phones in Japan

Wireless Internet Access still strong in Japan

I’m in Okayama Japan, (edit: a cool website that shows some of the highlights of Okayama, or see wikitravel) the sister city of San Jose! It’s more of a suburb with a population close to SF. It’s not as dense but it’s a great place to view and visit japan in easy to swallow doses. Just about everywhere we go, I see individuals on wireless or portable media devices (PSPs seem popular). I see folks using cell phones to do a lot of texting, to use to take pictures and videos for instant publishing. Many folks use mobile based email to communicate, more so than Instant Messaging, my cousin tells me. There are numerous wifi hotspots as there is little … Continue readingWireless Internet Access still strong in Japan

Wiki Showdown at Web SIG

I’m blogging live from Hurricane Electric, a web hosting company in Fremont CA who is hosting this Oct meeting of Web SIG. There are four wiki companies here; JotSpot, Socialtext, Atlassian, and Wetpaint. I was very happy to finally run into Zoli, I’ve admired his thoughts and viewpoints from his blog for quite some time. Moderated by Peter Theony and Structuredwikis LLC Audience Poll 80% are using wikipedia 50% are wiki editors Ward Cunningham was founder A wiki is always in motion Wikis have been around since 1995 Ben Elowitz from WetPaint Rich user experience, niche communities, aimed at consumer space. Many of the wikis encourage embedding of images, and code snippets to YouTube and other video sites Jon … Continue readingWiki Showdown at Web SIG

Google Wireless in Mountain View

Yesterday, at the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival, I ran into the Google Wireless booth. For those that don’t know, Google is providing ‘free’ wireless to all of the city of Mountain View. They’ fixed routers around lamppoles all over the city. Below you can see the repeaters you can buy that will boost your signal inside your house. Of course, I tested it out on their laptop and accessed with rapid speed. To me, this makes living or working in Mountain View more desirable. More details: Google Blog Announcement More details Coverage Map (pretty cool) Podtech has a nice interview, the city was very embracing to this. Google Booth Wireless Gear Home Repeater

Marketing Reality Check: Social Media Emerging and growing quickly

The Social Media Adoption Curve (and the changes on marketers) quickly comes, are you ready? We’re just at the start of the curve for social media adoption as mainstream medium. I would predict techogeeks and younger generations are the primary adopters. Just saw this article by Advertising Age regarding Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS. It suggests that social media is not yet mainstream, is totally hype, and for many folks, awareness is low –I agree, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare. 9 Points of supporting evidence, Social Media is coming: (add your own) 1) Web is the number one medium in the workplace in North America 2) TV is the number one medium at home in North America, … Continue readingMarketing Reality Check: Social Media Emerging and growing quickly

Vigilance and Patience required during Air Travel

One of our respected leaders at Hitachi Data Systems is our CTO, Hu Yoshida. As a blogger he’s shared his experience traveling through London’s Heathrow, one of the hot zones in the recent concerns over terrorism on international airlines. It’s one thing for a leader of a company to help show how storage technology can help companies and customers, however to show a first hand viewpoint to dealing with real world issues is another. His message to the world: “We certainly need to be more vigilant and patient, but we shouldn’t give in to fear and frustration and doubt.” Have you seen Ze Frank’s recent videoblog? His message is also clear, don’t succumb to terrorism by being terrorized. (link via … Continue readingVigilance and Patience required during Air Travel