Exclusive Interview: Björn Jeffery, Swedish Internet Strategist

(Left: Björn Jeffery, speaking at Stanford’s Innovation Journalism conference) I have the pleasure of interviewing Björn Jeffery of Good Old (here’s his blog), a Web Strategy show in Sweden. I met Björn (or at least saw him speak) at the Innovation Journalism conference held at Stanford a few weeks ago. We exchanged a few emails and I realized he had some knowledge that would be useful to the Web Strategy community. Jeremiah: You describe yourself as a Internet Strategist, (similar to how I describe myself) how’d you come to this role, and what’s it mean to you? Tell me a bit about your background. Björn: It’s a title that is generally misunderstood I find, but that is probably as it … Continue readingExclusive Interview: Björn Jeffery, Swedish Internet Strategist

Community Resource for Web Designers: Edezines

Robyn of Edezines first contacted me because she was interested in advertising on my blog. (which I think is a fantastic). I’m not quite ready for ads on my blog, although the topic is coming up more and more lately. I checked out her site Edezines, and found that it’s really an online resource for the Web Design community. It looks like a resource to me, so I asked her to describe it in detail: “Edezines.com is a self-proclaimed web design directory. In this case that means that Edezines has resources for those interested in both hiring a web design firm and learning how to do their own site designing. On one hand there is a directory of designers and … Continue readingCommunity Resource for Web Designers: Edezines

Web Design Workflow and Process Comparison

This blog is intended as a resource for professionals that are responsible for the long-term planning of a website (How to find out if you a Web Strategist at your company). While not a Web Design blog, web strategists need to make decisions, dictate budget, or approve web design projects. A client recently asked me for some resources for Web redesign for their website, well actually, they wanted to know of some firms that do this, I have started a voluntary list, but realize there’s quite a few steps that occur before and after dealing with a web design services company. A Comparison of various Web Design Processes: It’s interesting to note the differences in Web Design process (which is … Continue readingWeb Design Workflow and Process Comparison

Web Strategy: Understanding Web Design Pricing

I’ve notice quite a few posts about blog design recently, from these 10 beautiful blog designs, from these 45 selected ones, I’m impressed with what Ars Technica has recently done. One thing for sure is that everyone wants to have a great blog design. I’ve had similar discussions with Hyku’s Josh Hallett, well known blog designer among the tech blogosphere. Even with RSS being a common way how people read your content, having a web or blog design that represents you is important. This is why USA Today and other newspapers are undergoing massive web redesigns to meet the changes of social media. I’m frequently asked by contacts, friends, and family to provide recommendations for web designers as well as … Continue readingWeb Strategy: Understanding Web Design Pricing