Will Wal-Mart’s newest Blogging Initiative Succeed? An interview with one of the Bloggers

Special Notes: I had previously published this post, but there was a mixup with the announcement dates and removed it. Detail here. Social Media for Corporations: To build a better world I’m somewhat sympathetic to large brands launching social media programs, having done it at Hitachi, and I stayed close to Dell during their launches, but I’ll have to admit, Wal-Mart/Edelman have had two major failures and it’s current Facebook initiative isn’t going as one would hope. Situation For many of us social media folks, Wal-Mart is a case study for doing it wrong, from Astroturfing fake consumer blogs, to launching a MySpace clone that closed after 10 weeks, trust is certainly not there. All of the above is what … Continue readingWill Wal-Mart’s newest Blogging Initiative Succeed? An interview with one of the Bloggers

Does the internet make the planet a better place? How much damage am I causing?

Should we be paying more attention to the damage that server farms, mechanized waste, and pollution that is cause from the internet? There’s a lot of hype around the technology industry getting green, in fact I even put together a list of resources that can make your website green. Former colleague, Angela Miller was an IT Strategist (yup, a Web Strategist) at Hitachi, she was on the technical side delivering against my business requirements for our websites. We acted like a team, and sometimes not, as you know how politics can impact programs. Either way, I’m glad to see her sharing about her passions for ecology and the environment. Angela’s no fair-weather, jane come lately, Green Tech bandwagoner, she’s expressed … Continue readingDoes the internet make the planet a better place? How much damage am I causing?

Ways to make your Website “Green” (are you doing this?)

Techcrunch is comparing which company is greener, Yahoo or Google. I’ve started a list of ways to make your website green: Web Hosting, Servers, Green Energy, Networking, Power Usage, Computer and Server recycling, and of course, making your webpages print friendly. If you’ve any suggestions, please go to that post and leave a comment. I was thinking about starting a new business, where I could ‘rate’ and analyze websites that were following these methods, they could register with me, pay me $25 bucks, and I’ll give them an image badge to put on their site. All proceeds will go to a non-profit that supports green web. Any business partners want to work with me on this? I’ll do the marketing. … Continue readingWays to make your Website “Green” (are you doing this?)

Resources to create a “Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly” Website

Was this helpful? Should others know? Then please Digg this story Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly That’s a movement we’re all starting to hear about more and more. Corporations, Individuals, and customers are starting to pay attention to the demand that thinking long term is important to the world, and to business. At some point, if you work at a technology company, or any other industry, some individual or group within your organization is going to push the green movement, a mandate will come from upper management and every group will have to figure out a way to be ‘green’. I think I’m ahead of the trend here, and want to provide the definitive resource for the Web Strategist (those that are … Continue readingResources to create a “Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly” Website

Feeling good about recycling my old PCs

I’m not a tree hugger or earth hippie by any means, but I do want our tech industry to remain a thriving long term helpful addition to this planet for a long time to come. Yesterday, I dropped off 3 of my old tower PCs (some even had windows 97 on them) to Green Citizen in Palo Alto (there’s other locations too). The recycling fee was 10 bucks each, which I’ll write off my taxes. Also, they won’t be reusing the computer, and the data will be properly disposed of as they crush it at a facility and then the parts are resold to be recycled into other manufactures. Click on some of the pictures below, to read about how … Continue readingFeeling good about recycling my old PCs