Web Strategy Reading: Sept 17, 2007

Recommended Reading from the past week: Get Satisfaction on Business Week: Crowdsource your support. Agency Crayon (Social Media consultants) has three members leave, wishing them all the best The evolution of the Yahoo homepage: Go way back White Paper on Social Networking and what it means to companies, great resource: warning, there’s a registration required, although just email and name. I gave Chris a hard time about this too, he removed the registration. “Help!” Larry Magid’s new PodTech show discusses modern support for computer users Satisfaction, gets funding. A noble cause, as they seek to improve the product support for everyone, and I find them very disruptive to corporate marketing. Comscore releases data on top domains, no significant changes since … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Sept 17, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: Sept 10, 2007

Suggested Reading from the last week: What should a Presidential candidate’s website look like? A checklist of features The Marker, one of the top Hebrew news publications has translated my post into Hebrew. The English version is available: How blogs can help corporations. Top competitors of online video market This is very important data. How to get on Digg.com? Traffic analysis of Digg, it’s slowing down? (link via Dave Zuls) Is feedreading getting the best of you? Marshall has some tips Dangers of blogs and social networking sites leaking trade secrets Rohit of Ogilvy has some rules of engagement for PR folks to pitch bloggers Evolving the Traditional website–great resource! Important: I’m updating my Shared Feed from Google reader, you … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Sept 10, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: Sept 3, 2007

Must reads for the Web Strategist: Tools to monitor your buzz Viral Advertising with mobile and digital culture (link va Catherine Girardeau) 10 Free Web Analytics tools Social Networking sites for professionals (like Physicians) PR Back to Basics Thanks Dave for adding the red fonts to announcement post How long before you purge customer data? Allen Stern has the answers Fragmentation of Media, great article Best Headline ever: Apparently I’m taking on the CEO of Google: The Role of AJAX in Web 2.0 Apps: Schmidt vs Owyang . I left a comment in response, please read that.

Web Strategy Reading: August 26, 2007

Web Strategy Reading for the last week, see other archives by accessing the ‘Reading Sampler” link Amazing technology of Photo ReTargeting Update on the state of the internet radio industry Steve Rubel on the Distributed Web “Think web services, not web sites” Robert Scoble’s Fast Company Article: The Next Email My Micromedia post has been translated to Danish Action Habit: getting things done now Club Penguin, and Social Networks: The kids are online. Whether they are alright remains to be seen TV views continue to decline, where are the eyeballs shifting? Duh. Lastly, but not least, is there hope for the return of the Gillmor Gang? We could only hope so. The value? It’s a look deep inside the tent … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: August 26, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: August 20, 2007

Every week I publish the following list of recommended reading: Recent college grad Christopher Salazar has some interesting perspectives on Social Media A French study (translated to English) shows the value of corporate websites, as well as compared to social media David Veneski worked with Federated Media on an interesting project, read interview (link via Ken Kaplan, Intel). Google might as well just buy newspapers Creative 404 pages. great designs. JiveSoftware gets funded $15 mil Top five problems with IT OpenID has a bewildering customer experience –I’ve said it myself, and it’s hurting adoption Blogging Cliches

Web Strategy Reading: August 12, 2007

Recommended reading from the last 7 days: Marshall gives out some great ideas on how to launch a product using social media Plenty of wallflowers: extension from Forrester’s research on Technographics The impacts of Citizen Journalism in a recent bridge collapse Online ad budgets to overtake newspaper budgets by 2011 Social Interaction Design White Papers by Adrian Chan Stats: Usage of Social Networks by continent Case study on Dell’s blog warrior Search Engine optimization of WordPress (be sure to see PPT) Pew: Men are from Google, Women are from Yahoo Dennis Howlett suggests data can be pulled out of Facebook

Web Strategy Reading for August 5, 2007

Recommended reading over the last week. (I’m doing this every week for a while) Analysis on Facebook, Identity and data First and foremost one of the best analysis points I’ve seen since I wrote a post on Facebook predictions A standard operating system is coming for cars Could bring a browser or application that could deliver traffic, location info, and pictures of where you’re headed. Slapping the A-list bloggers Not all content is for all people, understanding relevance Thanks for this, I shared it with the whole tribe. Stats from ComScore Social Networking takes off across the globe Want to build a Facebook App? Find out what 10 interns think is cool 100 resources for Bloggers eCommerce User Experience rankings … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading for August 5, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: July 30th, 2007

What I’ve been reading, I recommend you read up. Budgets: 2008 is year of Corporate Social Media Over 90% of marketing departments are planning to incorporate a social media campaign. Online Video: 57% of internet users have watched videos online and most of them share what they find with others Numbers and traffic of the top social voting and tagging sites If you’re going to be submitting content to these sites, and only have limited time, here’s the ones that matter the most. Top down and Bottom up creation Twitter is the voice of the planet, see it visualized on this 3D globe Interactive Marketing: Kraft launches U Starvin campaign Has elements of the will it blend campaign. The Blog … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: July 30th, 2007

What the Web Strategist should know from this July’s issue of Business 2.0

I consume a lot of media from blogs, podcasts, video, twitter, facebook, you name it. I still like magazines though, why? Because they give an overview or confirm what’s really happening, they tend to be high signal, even if just an overview. In this lastest July issue of Business 2.0 there’s a few articles that I dog eared. I believe that web decision makers should be aware of these articles so I’ll summarize them to you. Here’s what the Web Strategy should know from this July’s Business 2.0: Rethining the Recommendation Engine I’ve been watching how this market is starting to evolve, social networking will play a key role in finding peers to recommend content. Does this mean search is … Continue readingWhat the Web Strategist should know from this July’s issue of Business 2.0

Web Strategy Reading: July 21st, 2007

Reading of interst over the last week: Young People Don’t read the news 3 out of 4 internet users streamed video online Eddie Codel interviews Johnny Ham of Ustream Colleague Jennifer Jones is now blogging weekly at the Marketing Profs website A network and knowledge library of many of the top marketers in the industry. Another colorful rant by Dave Mcclure on Facebook Andy Beal is measuring how social media impacts brands Chicago Tribune launches lots of blogs