Marketing Executives should listen to Marketing Profs Podcast

I had a chance to connect with Jennifer Jones, the hostess and MC of Marketing Voices Podcast yesterday. She’s one of my former colleagues and will be a long time friend. I learned that her podcast, which helps marketing leaders understand social media is continuing to take off. Although I made a list of the many marketing podcasts, as I understand it, the listernership is up to 100,000 downloads in the last month, that blows away almost any other podcast that I know of. Apparently some big name brands have noticed too, she’s now sponsored by Webex AND Intel, both companies want to reach marketers and the social sphere, respectively. Her show is also syndicated by MarketingProfs, one of the … Continue readingMarketing Executives should listen to Marketing Profs Podcast

Podcast: The Great Twitter Debate “Bad Ass Berkowitz” vs “OMG Owyang”

I had the absolute pleasure to be involved in a geek fight with the always thoughtful David Berkowitz, a friend and respected peer of mine in the industry. Paul Dunay was the referee, and thoughtfully lead the conversation forward. I love Davids opening remarks about funding the Scoble’s kid. The debate started on the blogosphere, where David questions the value of micromedia. So listen in to the two different sides over Twitter over at the Marketing Profs site or use the player below. Link to Original Audio Source David and I are actually buds, here’s some pics of us on panels, hanging at PodTech, and hitting the town in the back of a limo in Vegas!

Podcast Interview: The Engaging Brand on Measuring Engagement

Anna Farmery produces an ongoing podcast of note, the Engaging Brand. She interviews me for episode 109, and we talk about measurement in the new world. You’ll learn: What are the new attributes, how has measurement changed, and we’ll provide some specific steps to moving forward. To access this podcast go to: Show # 109 – Building an Engaging Web Strategy Posted on 09/09/2007 3:16PM Jeremiah Owyang, the web strategist, talks about how to engage people on the web, how/why to measure engagement and also how communication is changing in the business world.

Web Strategist on Blog Talk Radio

Wow that was fast, we just finished our interview an hour ago and the audio version is already up. I was interviewed by Tris Hussey and Jim Turner on Blog Talk Radio, we talked about Social Media, what it means to corporations and the impacts to companies like Hitachi and other big brands. What’s Blog Talk Radio? It’s an internet radio show, you can learn more about it on their FAQ. We had a few folks come in and ask questions like Chris Brogan, Teresa Valdez Klein (read her post here), and Christian the Coffee guy. What was interesting was that folks were dropping in comments and questions in Skype, and Twitter, it was a real-time experience, a great use … Continue readingWeb Strategist on Blog Talk Radio

Welcome Marketing Profs Community! Resources for you (and Survey Feedback)

(This following post is intended for the folks who attended my webinar, if you’re a regular reader, there’s still some healthy content in the links below) You made it! I just completed a Webinar with the Marketing Profs (a large and respected Marketing Resource group) with a few hundred folks, the topic: Podcasting, Video Blogging, and Live Streaming Video. In my final slide, I linked to this blog, and directed them here, so welcome! I also promise to answer any questions that I wasn’t able to answer on this blog, depending on what it is, It’ll take time, so come back soon There’s a few other resources that I’ve put together on this blog, it’s a great way to get … Continue readingWelcome Marketing Profs Community! Resources for you (and Survey Feedback)

Politics, not Porn, drives Social Media Adoption in 2007

I’m not sure how many times we’ve heard in the first wave how online pornography was the driver for innovation during the first wave. I worked at Exodus Communications from 2000-2003. I distinctly remember hallway chatter of the executive staff finding out that a major portion of the content that was hosted at Exodus was adult related. Apparently, the CEO decreed that we remove all porn related customers, apparently when the financial analysis came back it would have destroyed the business. Exodus, of course was an amazing bankruptcy (Chapter 11 –twice) but that’s another story. It’s now 2007 and I’m seeing a tremendous amount of innovation being done from Presidential candidates who know to reach a wide audience that’s influential, … Continue readingPolitics, not Porn, drives Social Media Adoption in 2007

Podcast Interview: Social Media Measurement, what is it, new attributes and getting started

I was interviewed by David of High Context Consulting (go here to listen) on the topic of Social Media strategies for corporations and how to measure success. This has been an area of focus of mine, as I had to demonstrate success in my last role at a large company where this program was new and nascent. I had to constantly show success, give numbers and anecdotal evidence why a 100 year old Japanese company should embrace social media. What you’ll learn from this podcast: What’s happening in the Fortune 1000 arena of social media, understanding the many different attributes such as velocity, sentiment, influence, and the coveted engagement. Here’s that post I mentioned at the end: Web Strategy: How … Continue readingPodcast Interview: Social Media Measurement, what is it, new attributes and getting started

List of ongoing Marketing Podcasts

I’m very fascinated by the Power 150: Top Marketing blogs (I’m pleased to have made the list) and am seeking a similar list of the top Marketing Podcasts! Update: Constantin has this great list of Podcasts (and feeds) and also check out Grazr. Top Marketing Podcasts: Jennifer Jones’s Marketing Voices | Audio and Occasional Video Jennifer is my colleague and friend. “Silicon Valley Marketing Veteran Jennifer Jones discusses social media practices and technologies and its impact on marketing, tools & best practices, with industry leaders such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Charlene Li.” Brian Oberkirch’s Edgworks Brian’s one of my good friends, and a great social media consultant, check out his thoughts, interviews, and blog posts. Often irreverent, always … Continue readingList of ongoing Marketing Podcasts

Media as a Services (MaaS)

Just landed in Singapore, an amazingly clean city, looking forward to learn about the tech culture. It was quite a commute getting here, nearly 20 hours from SFO to HK, to Singapore, but well worth it. My presentation for the main congress (I’m giving another one to the local university) is about audio and video podcasts for the enterprise. While looking at the program, I was seeing quite a few topics on preparing the IT infrastructure for streaming media, or preparing the anticipation of the enterprise being the media producer. I’m not so sure that’s the way it’s going to unfold. The more I think about it, I see Google, PodTech, and a variety of other media creators to be … Continue readingMedia as a Services (MaaS)

Corporations are Media Companies

One of the most brilliant things I’ve heard at the countless conferences, workshops and events I’ve been attending is from Dan Scheinman of Cisco during his Keynote –he really impressed me. Jeremy Pepper took some detailed notes. Dan rightfully suggested that in response to the explosion of social media by consumers that corporations are now becoming content producers –to respond, answer, and converse with the marketplace. How is this different than before? While the press release, shiny collateral, and the occasional webinar are certainly media and communication forms, employees will now be creating extensive content from easy to use tools. (and from the edges of the company). The corporate newsroom on the website (which is a form of evolution) will … Continue readingCorporations are Media Companies