PeopleMap: Profile Relevancy makes Network Matching easier

(Above: This demo of People Map shows individuals with common interests, the closer they are to your center, the more similar) Last night, in SF’s South Park neighborhood, CEO Mike Walsh of Leverage Software gave me a quick tour of their “People Map” feature, which is part of their white label social networking suite. This features looks for implicit metadata of a community and finds people ‘like me’ and organizes them on a 2D map. This can help prospects find customers, sellers find buyers, and single find other single folks. As you can see if you zoom into the map, there are different criteria filters to select for the right match. I’ve been looking at other network based recommendation engines, … Continue readingPeopleMap: Profile Relevancy makes Network Matching easier

Plaxo hosts your important information…and Lunch 2.0

(Above: Joseph Smarr of Plaxo (and Lunch 2.0 lets’ me Check his Pulse, the theme at Plaxo’s Lunch 2.0, around 300 attended) Lunch 2.0 was hosted at Plaxo, which has recently launched a new platform called ‘sync’ and a product called Pulse. What’s the need? Personal information from your ‘real’ network of family, colleagues, and friends you actually know have their contact information scattered about the web. Plaxo is offering a flavor of Personal Digital Aggregation that lets you or another user update their contact info and it cascades across all systems, including mobile. Plaxo has evolved very quicly in the last few years, from fending off a nasty brand attack, acquiring hipcal, and now launching their latest platform, which … Continue readingPlaxo hosts your important information…and Lunch 2.0

Gleamd a threat to Mahalo and Spock?

I’m seeing Gleamd in a few twitter messages, and I’ve been invited twice in the last 12 hours. What’s gleamd? Its another repository of personal information about people. Here’s their FAQ description Users write a short biography or find publicly available information on a person they find to be interesting and submit it to gleamd by clicking “add person” on the menu bar. If others also find that person to be interesting, they can vote on it. First they’ll make it to the recently popular que, then the top 3 if they’re really cool! There’s a point based system for rewards too, apparently, someone thought it would be great to create one for me, Jeremiah Owyang. Check out my review … Continue readingGleamd a threat to Mahalo and Spock?

List of companies that provide Dynamic or Contextual Online Video Advertising

I’m watching the Online Video space very carefully and with great interest, online video will become a force that drives consumer interaction between TV and the browser. In a previous post, I gave some predictions of where Google and online video was heading and David Berkowitz left a comment suggesting that I take a look at This compelled me to create a list of these types of companies What’s Dynamic Video advertising? This means they can instantly change a recorded advertisement within a video, such as a pre-roll, post-roll, or other type of advertisement. This provides advertisers the ability to change ads across anywhere that video has been deployed, and also provide contextual ads to specific demographics. This is … Continue readingList of companies that provide Dynamic or Contextual Online Video Advertising

Spock Review and Exclusive Interview with Co-founder

I’ve been given a login to the private version of Spock from friend Dave McClure a vertical search engine and was actually very pleased to see what was going on. While I’m often very cautious of people recreating existing communities this one is doing something different and doing something that matters. Spock is a search engine for people. It has the ability to organize all of one’s personal information and aggreagate on to one page. I had a few questions after I had cruised around the application, think of it as like a wiki or tagging for individuals. Here’s what I think are some key advantages for Spock: The platform lets us organize information around a person, rather than the … Continue readingSpock Review and Exclusive Interview with Co-founder

A tour of MyAOL, a Personalized Aggregator

Frank Gruber is here,and hes showing the new MyAOL, here’s some of the features. I really like Frank, I’ve been criticizing his company, and he decided to come over to PodTech to give me a personal tour. I grabbed Tom Foremski, Scoble, Sam Levin and Montana to see too. Key Web Strategy The key concept is that the old AOL homepage was AOL specific content, this new version is agnostic to all types of content. This is AOL’s opportunity to be innovative. Who’s it for? When I think of AOL, I think of a less sophisticated web user. They’re still building this for non-aol users. Homepage: -When you create your experience, you select feeds and applications, much like Facebook. -If … Continue readingA tour of MyAOL, a Personalized Aggregator

Get Local with NBC 11 Hometown

I recently met some of the folks at NBC 11 at the Social Media Club’s Silicon Valley chapter last night, and they shared with me a hyperlocal website that they’ve launched. While NBC is known as a media creator, this time, the neighborhood and community are the producers of the content. What’s in Hometown? Pretty much everything important to your neighborhood, (check out this one of downtown San Jose) from restaurant reviews, to business reviews, and even an area to post one’s information and link to exterior blogs. From one glance, I could also check the weather or even add to a community calendar. The good folks have just launched this site and are looking for people to jump in … Continue readingGet Local with NBC 11 Hometown

Branded Community Sites launched by Yahoo (Is this outsourcing your corporate web team?)

My friends that work at Yahoo and I agree that Yahoo is more of a Media company than anything else, so this announcement comes at very little surprise. Yahoo has launched some interesting community platforms that aggregate content from a variety of their properties. Check out their Nintendo Wii platform site, it: Pulls in videos, social networking from existing yahoo profiles, there’s also message boards, FAQs, Content, ratings, trackbacks (a form of a memetracker) ecommerce modules, Q&A with Yahoo Answers, all with the feel of the branded experience of Nintendo. There’s quite a few social aspects to this platform, where interaction with other real individuals is part of the core concept. Now that Yahoo is doing the job of Nintendo’s … Continue readingBranded Community Sites launched by Yahoo (Is this outsourcing your corporate web team?)

Long Tail for Christmas with NikeID

For Christmas, my wife wanted some new tennis shoes. She had a very specific model number but unfortunately, they were sold out all stores in the bay area. Nike has a personalized shoe design website, called Nike ID, which allows the customer to custom tailor the size, design, color, with the ability to personalize the product with custom embroidery. This program seems to be going well, there’s over 1000 links to this site according to Technorati. A few weeks later, the shoes arrived, and you can see them here: I normally never pick out clothes or attire for my wife, as her style requirements are very specific. This was a win, for me, for her, and now for Nike as … Continue readingLong Tail for Christmas with NikeID