Usage of Twitter? Scoble questions, Peter responds

My antennae are being retrained to watch what people are saying about Forrester, my new employer. I’m starting to understand the conversations around the company and am actively starting internal conversations about what you are all saying. Yes, we are listening. I woke up this morning to see that Robert has challenged Pete’s data in his post entitled: “Where did Forrester get its Twitter data?” Peter (Analyst) and Cynthia (Researcher) have data on usage of microblogging. His relationship with the Obvious folks gave him suspicion about the numbers. In just a few hours, Peter has responded via his blog, and Cynthia provides details on the methodology (read comments). If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my three short weeks here … Continue readingUsage of Twitter? Scoble questions, Peter responds

Defining Microformats –Attention Information Architect Community

Attention Information Architects! A few days ago we discussed what a Microformats for the Non-Technical Web Professional or Marketer. I’d like to try to further narrow down the definition: Microformats: Structured Information from Unstructured Content I hope the Information Architecture community gloms onto Microformat concept by the end of the year. Not only do we need their help to guide the content criteria, but this is a tool that can really help them structure unstructured content from a ‘bottom-up’ approach –In many ways this is ‘organized folksonomy’. The internet community as a whole needs to start thinking about these standards as we the web continues to become an unstructured conversation, and mobile access becomes mainstream.  Soon, content producers and content … Continue readingDefining Microformats –Attention Information Architect Community

Understanding Microformats for the Non-Technical Web Professional or Marketer

I’m not a developer or software engineer. I am an individual that needs to understand technology in order to impelement web strategies –consider the following as a public learning experience. I first heard Marc Canter talking about Microformats a few months ago, and talked to Tantek about it at dinner –I didn’t understand it fully at the time, I’m beginning to see the value now that so many voices are appearing on the web due to blogs and social media. I am NOT a microformat expert, if you have a suggestion or correction, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the text –let’s learn together. Q: What are Microformats? A new method to organize unstructured information into an organized … Continue readingUnderstanding Microformats for the Non-Technical Web Professional or Marketer