Media Consumption Diets being Shared

We all realize this is insular sharing, and not scientific by any means but I’m learning a lot from folks sharing their Media Consumption diets. The trends are very apparent. I’m most impressed by Dan Taylor’s analysis and graphs. Technorati shows all the blog posts with the term “Media Consumption Diet“. It’s interesting to see how Google results differ using the same keywords.

Loren Responds to my Media Consumption question

A few days ago, I gave my media consumption diet. It’s interesting that a lot of my stuff is on Demand, and has few ads. Loren’s responded with much love on his video: (if you’re reading this in a feedreader, access the post) I’m still waiting for Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, and Chris Pirillo share their diets. Martin did, and a few others says Technorati. Oh, and my last name is pronounced Ow-Yang. I’m not Irish Loren.

Social Media Saga continues as Dell Corporation yearns for “Dell Swell”

Chronicling the Dell Social Media Saga I’ve been watching this Dell story for quite a while, even been on a panel with blog expert Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations discussing it. [Dell has come so far, they’ve learned to listen, converse, and lower the corporate walls. While this saga is not over, this is becoming a classic case study of a corporation making a 180 degree turn using Web Tools] Gone to Hell, Cursed, and Exploded Dell’s taken a freaking beating in the past years due to social media bloggers. you can do a search on Dell Hell, and at one time, if you did a Google Search on the term “Dell Support” bloggers not happy with their support … Continue readingSocial Media Saga continues as Dell Corporation yearns for “Dell Swell”

My Media Consumption Diet

I’m hoping to start this meme, that others will join in and share their media consumption diet, in hopes, that we’ll start to learn how they get information or be entertained. I’ve sort of mixed up mediums, and media types, but after some thought, that’s the best way to organize it. My Media Consumption Diet (most used at top, least used at bottom): Web: This is primarily where I get most of my news. I get my news from my Feedreader, I’m plugged into 160 subscriptions, but some of those are news feeds, techmeme, digg, and scoble’s shared feed (an incredible filter). I rarely go to ‘news sites’ like CNN, MSNBC, NYT, like I used to, although for a while, … Continue readingMy Media Consumption Diet

Many Viral Video Networks make Measurement a Challenge

Many viral video networks I know some companies that are deploying viral videos, the challenge for them is that they’re releasing them on more than one video network. There’s quite a few, from Revver, Blip, YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Grouper, and quite a few others. I created a list of video sharing sites back in August, it’s already way outdated. If you’re not sure which video site to use, you could always compare all the video sites in this side-by-side comparison. Measuring still a challenge The goal in today’s distributed web marketing strategy is to get your content to go far, and have ‘legs of it’s own’. With that come challenges in measurement and tracking. It appears companies like VidMeter … Continue readingMany Viral Video Networks make Measurement a Challenge

Social Networking White Label Market Overcrowded, Reminiscent of CMS and Portal craze of Yesteryear

A friend of mine wanted a list of Social Media Applications that he could rebrand and use for his clients. I gave him a list of 7 or so on email, then decided to start a blog post on it. Within the hour, I had about 10. I count over 30 White Label Social Networking Suites Now, a few days later, the submissions have slowed down. Check out this list of 37 Social Networking Applications that one can download, or use a hosted version to rebrand. Remember the CMS and Portal Craze? This reminds me of the first web movement when everyone was crazy over CMS systems from late 90s to early 2000l, and then how everyone went crazy over … Continue readingSocial Networking White Label Market Overcrowded, Reminiscent of CMS and Portal craze of Yesteryear

Understanding Social Media in China

This is one of those posts to send to your field marketing team in Asia. This makes me want to start a China division for PodTech in Shanghai, Beijing, and HongKong. 43% of the Global internet users in the world are in China. Jennifer Jones interviews Sam Flemming in Shanghai. If you’re seeing this in a feedreader, here’s the podcast player.

Big Media struggles to stay relevant with rise of Social Media, should analyze coexistence within Tech Industry

(Left: A scribe at the conference was capturing the big “Aha” ideas and sharing on the screen, photo by David Parmet) It was fascinating for me to observe as an outsider looking in to the world of journalism and traditional media at the WeMedia conference in Miami this week. My notes from day one are the same as my summary, now that I’m back at home. Social Media is impacting them in ways that some are having a hard time grasping while some have already figured out advanced adoption models. I noticed frustration and during some of the heated conversations. There was certainly conflict there was in how the industry was trying to figure out how they fit into this … Continue readingBig Media struggles to stay relevant with rise of Social Media, should analyze coexistence within Tech Industry

The Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist

This document has been updated for the 2008 version: The Complete list of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008. Please visit there for the updated and enhanced version, quite a bit has been added. Summary and Audience This document catalogs the many tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy in 2007. Even if your strategy or resource limitations restrict you from entering all spaces, awareness of the changes in our digital landscape are critical. This document is intended for CMO/VP/Director of Web and Marketing. For those seeking a quick read, normal programming will resume in the near future. Changes in communication require corporations to adapt and evolve The Web in the number one medium in the workplace … Continue readingThe Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist

Dave Sifry Podcast Interview by Jennifer Jones of Marketing Voices

CEO of Technorati Dave Sifry was interviewed by my colleague Jennifer Jones of Marketing Voices on the PodTech network. For those that are responsible for listening to your customers (which should be quite a few folks at your corporation) listen to Dave. Dave does some practical analysis of Technorati vs other search engines, authority, trust. I like Dave’s response to “What should you do if your management doesn’t get social media or blogging” Toby likes this interview, and recommends that business leaders listen to this podcast. English is no longer the majority blogosphere language, Japanese, Chinese are rising in dominance quickly. Dave, Regarding the low adoption of German blogging discussions, I’ve talked with a few folks from Germany, there is … Continue readingDave Sifry Podcast Interview by Jennifer Jones of Marketing Voices