Streaming TV Shows on the web from around the Globe, watch from your browser

I just plugged into this site, wow.  Who needs Cable TV or Sat TV now?  This site is streaming all kinds of international stations.  I’m watching a volleyball game in China, and now a Christian channel in Khazakistan. Check it out. We all know that soon the Internet and TV will merge into a new child, called IPTV. Check out all my thoughts on IPTV.

How will Yahoo! respond to GoogTube? (Vote in the comments)

How could Yahoo! respond to the Google acquisition of YouTube, the 10th most visited website in the internet? A few scenarios: Resist the acquisition, call in the Fed to suggest that a monopoly between Google Video and YouTube will dominate the landscape? Outbid Google for YouTube? Partner with Blip, Revver, or other video sites? Enhance or start uber-marketing the Yahoo Video site? Move away from being the upload portal and build out Jumpcut to be the creation portal? Establish working partnership with iTunes for deliver of content? Serve up TV shows with traditional TV and Movie Media Networks? Focus on something else? Other (Leave a comment) In the comments below, tell me what you think (leave the #s that you … Continue readingHow will Yahoo! respond to GoogTube? (Vote in the comments)

Web Strategy: Cross Medium Experience (TV and Internet)

If you didnt’ get a chance to see it, last night was the premiere of Discovery Atlas.  Using solid high quality (hi def?) video they’re capturing unique stories of countries around the globe.  Part of their experience is an interactive state on the web, where content is changing real time during the show in real time.  Yes, the website content is contextual and changes depending on what’s occuring on the show.  This first segment was about China, which will be followed by Brazil.  You can join the forum and chat with others in real time to build community. Web Strategy For TV shows that want to build community, deploy an interactive social site that engages a wide range of users, … Continue readingWeb Strategy: Cross Medium Experience (TV and Internet)

Online Video and Photography: More Photowalking

I’m learning a lot about photography and watching this artist cruise around SF taking pictures. It’s neat as you can watch the video, hear his insight, and then the actual final photographs will be shown on the video Part 1: Thomas near golden gate bridge Part 2: He discusses some of his more advanced tactics, gets wet and crawls around on the floor like a sniper Part 3: Night shooting the golden gate, and taking pics of people Part 4: City shooting at night (food porn discussion too) Online Video is going to be important, here’s why: It tells a unique story that text or audio can’t tell alone It’s engaging (but requires most or all of your attention) Online … Continue readingOnline Video and Photography: More Photowalking

Digg Founders Launch Lifestyle Online Video Shows

Picture from Laughing Squid I headed to the launch party with Mario, ran into the usual suspects I see at most events. During the presentation videos, I was very impressed by the rich and well produced content. It’s really a lifestyle channel, that’s a bit edgier and more raw than traditional TV. In fact they are specially aiming to be the opposite of MTV. After the introductions, videos ran and played clips of all the shows. First broadcast television. Then cable television. Now, you can kill your television. Revision3 aims to prove that on-demand, distributed online content is better, faster, more effective, and better targeted to what YOU want to watch. Tonight, September 26th, Revision3 launches their brand new website … Continue readingDigg Founders Launch Lifestyle Online Video Shows

Could YouTube’s Potential Revenue Dominate the MediaScape?

A few weeks ago there was discussion on YouTube Stats revealed.  I made some general calculations suggesting they will double their storage needs by January, and then every four months after. Fred, a Venture Capitalist in New York has made some projections on the revenue model of YouTube.  He suggests that they could generate $440 million dollars a year. I’ve been doing some thinking about how the Internet and TV will marry, YouTube could be an actual channel in your living room.  More of my thoughts on IPTV here.

TV Shows Only Available on the Internet

Jeff Pulver has a nice list of Internet TV shows, I expect this list to triple by the end of year.  The barriers to create online content are pretty low, and will continue to drop. The Consumers are becoming Producers. “Somewhere between the world of professionally “produced” TV shows and personal video blogs lies the world of what can be best described as “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet.” I’m keeping an eye on Internet TV, I’ve written a few other things (and taken video) of what the future could be.

Uploaded more Online Videos

I’ve uploaded a few more videos to Google Video, I take these videos using my Sony Digital Camera (not a camcorder). My biggest concern is the time it takes for the videos to process –some took nearly 2-3 days? Last weekend I went to Seattle for just one night —video of the famous fish throwers and of course the original starbucks. Getting some comments on my WebVisions videos, before the doors opened, and a took some video while I was on the Social Media Panel, You can see Dan, Brian, and Kit speaking. I’m collecting many of my online videos on this page. This is a pretty funny conversation between Jeremy Pepper, and Shel Israel and myself at the TechCrunch7 … Continue readingUploaded more Online Videos

Current TV: Community Created and Approved Advertisements

Cruising through Current TV’s site. Users can create ads THEY want to see, and the community gets to vote, then it ends up on the Current TV channel. Such as this one made for Sony by the community. What would resonate better than an advertisement designed, created, and approved by your community? Permission, admission, and giving up control to gain so much more Brilliant.

Marketing Reality Check: Social Media Emerging and growing quickly

The Social Media Adoption Curve (and the changes on marketers) quickly comes, are you ready? We’re just at the start of the curve for social media adoption as mainstream medium. I would predict techogeeks and younger generations are the primary adopters. Just saw this article by Advertising Age regarding Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS. It suggests that social media is not yet mainstream, is totally hype, and for many folks, awareness is low –I agree, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare. 9 Points of supporting evidence, Social Media is coming: (add your own) 1) Web is the number one medium in the workplace in North America 2) TV is the number one medium at home in North America, … Continue readingMarketing Reality Check: Social Media Emerging and growing quickly