Need Storage for my Personal Media, understanding the 1TB Drive

I’ve got quite a bit of digital media in my life, I’m converting nearly all my CDs to MP3 hard drives, I use computers to get news, I don’t watch TV, and I don’t read newspapers. I’ve taken thousands of photos and started to create more and more video. I’m pretty proud that my previous employer Hitachi is now a client of PodTech. Doug Pickford, Product Director at Hitachi Global Storage Technology (HGST) gives his thoughts about how storage is becoming so important in today’s market. A few weeks ago there was quite a few excited discussions through the blogosphere why this breakthrough in technology will help normal people like us be mobile. Hitachi was innovative as they’re able to … Continue readingNeed Storage for my Personal Media, understanding the 1TB Drive

Hitachi Shatters Storage Record with Terabyte Drive

My former employer Hitachi breaks a record by announcing the first Terabyte HardDrive, engadget reports. My former CEO Iwata-san of HDS is now at HGST, he proudly states: “The industry’s first one-terabyte hard drive represents a milestone that is 50 years in the making, and it reasserts the hard drive’s leadership as the highest-capacity, lowest-cost storage technology,” said Shinjiro Iwata, chief marketing officer, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. “In the 51 st year, Hitachi is leading a new era for hard drives — not only providing large amounts of affordable storage, but also customizing and optimizing hard drives to deliver products that are smarter, more durable and more useful to the consumer.” There’s quite a few discussions on techmeme as Seagate … Continue readingHitachi Shatters Storage Record with Terabyte Drive

About those 3am emails to the CTO…

Hu Yoshida (CTO of Hitachi Data Systems) honors me with this tremendous post, over the last year he wondered if I ever slept, as I would be sending him emails, links to important blogosphere and industry happenings.  At one point I told him I was a web geek, so we’re always online. We as a team worked together to reach out to customers using Social Media. Hu Yoshida has humanized a monolithic storage vendor, and reaches out to customers, and partners using his blogs. Unlike some of the other vendor blogs, the comments on the HDS blogs are wide open. As long as they are on topic (much like Scoble and Shel’s family room rules) they will be posted. Hu … Continue readingAbout those 3am emails to the CTO…

Life Captured and Shared on the Web, A Data Storage Discussion with Dave the CEO of HDS

(Picture: Thomas Hawk, Dave Roberson, and Kris Tate) One of the things I love about the web is it’s ability to be a platform that lets humans connect and share their lives thoughts and experiences. Last night, CEO Dave Roberson of Hitachi Data Systems (my recent employer) hosted a fantastic wine pairing in SF with key members from the growing web industry. Folks from Zooomr, Joyent, Bebo, LifeMoxie, ArcScale, Approver, Martin McKeay, and others. Respected Data Storage Blogger Ben Rockwood got to meet Hu Yoshida, who flew in from his vacation in Southern California just to attend this dinner. Thomas Hawk, Data Storage “Poster Boy” It’s rare to meet someone that creates as much data as Thomas Hawk. One … Continue readingLife Captured and Shared on the Web, A Data Storage Discussion with Dave the CEO of HDS

Thank you Hitachi!

Thank you Hitachi Colleagues! (Right: Send off Lunch for Jeremiah) I wanted to thank all those that have wished me farewell from Hitachi Data Systems, HGST, and Hitachi America. This also includes, vendors, and former colleagues. I was honored that Lisa, my teammate for 3 years organized a lunch, the tab picked up by CTO blogger Hu Yoshida at Faultline brewery. Three years at HDS felt fast and furious, while sometimes the pace of things felt slow. There was always so much to do. I’ll have to admit, I made a lot of mistakes, pushed to hard, or just annoyed the F out of people, and for that, I hope all is water under the bridge. I sometimes wonder if … Continue readingThank you Hitachi!

Hitachi Humanizes with Online Video

I’m rather proud of this high production video series that Hitachi has put together, it really shows how technology is being used in a human way to solve real flesh and blood problems. Check out the video series called Hitachi True Stories. Two of the five shows are already live, the first one is focused on how fiber has connected a community in Oregon. The second show, focused on how technology is used in crime sleuthing has some neat angle shots. This kind of reminds me of the BMW films used a few years ago, pretty interesting. Even though I’m going to Podtech in a few weeks, I’m still going to be a Hitachi fan, it’s a good people that … Continue readingHitachi Humanizes with Online Video

Jeremiah headed to Podtech!

This is a bittersweet post, it’s also a bit awkward as I’m traveling on vacation right now through Asia. I’m currently in Hong Kong but have some important news to share… Deployed Social Media Over the last year, I’ve been very thankful to have the opportunity to deploy social media at Hitachi Data Systems, (which I called the Community Marketing program). we’ve launched thought leader blogs, user forums, and other tools that reach to customers for an open dialogue that will help us to listen to customers and build better products and services. My title is Online Community Marketing Manager, most see this role called Community Manager evolving at many, many companies. A Corporate Response is Community Marketing This new … Continue readingJeremiah headed to Podtech!