Web Strategy: Online Video Marketing with Vlogger Map Mashup

TurnHere provides short clips of ‘local’ and ‘native’ culture. Think multiple videobloggers meets map mashup and mix. It feels part amateur video, with great post-production editing, but let’s you experience a local culture almost like you’re there. “TurnHere, Inc. is a digital media company with a unique mission. TurnHere produces professional digital videos, accessible on the Internet, which convey authentic experiences of places and leisure activities in cities and neighborhoods around the world. Each TurnHere digital film is driven by an individual filmmaker’s vision, translated into compelling storytelling, engaging narrators, insider perspective and high entertainment value. Every film that carries the TurnHere brand has met rigorous content, production and technical standards.” –TurnHere About Us Check out Solano Ave in Albany, … Continue readingWeb Strategy: Online Video Marketing with Vlogger Map Mashup

Flickr integrates with Yahoo Maps

Flickr has integrated it’s Photo feature with Yahoo Maps. I’ve selected a few photos by dropping them on a map at Hitachi Data Systems. Stewart has posted more details from the official Flickr Blog. Ian from Yahoo has some additional info about Upcoming.org and maps. I’m watching Thomas Hawk as this is a space that Zooomr has been in already –Zoomr will be one of the companies presenting at the Web Expo at Lunch 2.0. Folks are already using Flickr for Marketing such as events, people, companies, and products, this will add yet another level of richness –more to come on this soon.