Now in Swedish, the “Irrelevant Corporate Website”

Thanks to Per Axbom, a Web Strategist, the original post I wrote called “How to evolve the irrelevant corporate website” has now been translated to Swedish. You could check out the original post in English, to date, it’s been translated to German, Greek, Italian, French and Dutch, all by the community. I’m hoping to get someone to volunteer to translate to Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Update: CernIO suggests that he uses review sites before going to the corporate website.

Social Media success in Europe? I wanna know!

I don’t want to be American-centric, but I need your help. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve spent some time in Asia (Singapore, HK, Japan) learning about web adoption and sophistication (Canada too). I really want to be the conduit for my many Silicon Valley readers to know more about what the rest of the world has done, Social Media, and the internet at large is truly a global tool. I’d like to invite you to share with me some case studies of what other companies have done to use social media (from blogs, social networks, online media, etc) to reach and connect with customers. These stories can either be of success or even hard learnings, … Continue readingSocial Media success in Europe? I wanna know!