Salim makes good. Hundreds of Silicon Valley STIRR Entrepreneurs now non-thirsty

Last time at the STIRR event, Salim Ismail had a slight incident on stage, As a recap, Salim promised to buy everyone drinks if they clapped (applause as currency for voting) for his product to receive an award. The excited crowd gave their full attention, resulting in Salim’s company Confabb to win, after receiving the award, Salim retracted the offer for drinks, in which the crowd boo’d and hissed, see video of presentation. I gently prodded via my blog but kudos to STIRR MC Rafe Needleman of CNET’s WebWare full on gave a nice public rubbing, “Field Report Stirr wrap-up, part 1: Sun, slogans, and how to cheat your audience”. Ouch! Salim immediately left comments on our blogs telling us … Continue readingSalim makes good. Hundreds of Silicon Valley STIRR Entrepreneurs now non-thirsty

Barack Obama’s Fundraising Style not impressing Shel Israel

John Edwards (or at least his staff pretending to be him) has recently joined Twitter, he’s one of my 91 ‘friends’. I know he’s flying to San Antonio as I write this blog post. Great transparency, even if it’s his staff. Barack Obama on the other hand, has failed to impress Shel Israel, which Shel’s shared on his blog, and which I and thousands of others read. Now I’m sharing this with you all. Barack and team should respond to Shel quickly. Everyone’s watching everyone and talking about it, there are no more secrets, just secrets that have not yet hit the internet. I hope political candiates are paying close attention to everything they do, since the web is how … Continue readingBarack Obama’s Fundraising Style not impressing Shel Israel

Interactive Web Marketing grows as Children’s toys extend experience online

Online experiences for Toys not new Lego (one of my preferred toy) has an online Club, where those who sign up receive additional information. GIJoe has online games, and has cleverly disguised it’s advertisements as online experiences. Children’s Physical toys to have cross online experience A while ago I covered how Fisher Price is starting kids listening to Podcasts and taking digital pictures at an early age. Now, toy companies are seeing the benefit of having a dual experience with their toys as the Internet continues to mainstream at home, and especially with the younger generation. According to the Associated Press this cross medium experience will continue to heat up: “…’Toy companies are looking at where kids are playing and … Continue readingInteractive Web Marketing grows as Children’s toys extend experience online

I don’t deserve this Technorati rank (and the other 1,999 of you don’t either)

My Technorati rank has plummeted (the lower the number is the more desirable). I’ll be breaking into the 2k range next week, and before this mess started I was somewhere in the 5k range. I don’t deserve it though, as there’s this silly ‘2000 pictures and links collage‘ of bloggers that’s being spread all over the network. If you’re new to blogging, a Technorati rank is just ONE way of determining authority, although it gives some interesting information. Anyone who registers to Technorati receives a ranking, as of yesterday it started at 2.5 million. It’s based upon who’s linking to you, how many times, and the authority of that person linking to you. Like Alexa, it’s overhyped, but still the … Continue readingI don’t deserve this Technorati rank (and the other 1,999 of you don’t either)

Lessons in Blogger Ethics

(Left: I took this picture of Shel Israel using my color selector feature my Canon SD600) Last night during coffee after dinner, Blogging Jedi Master Shel expressed to us of his concerns with some situations of bloggers taking advantage of their power, or organizations fearing bloggers. When he talks, there’s usually great wisdom or a lesson to be learned, this was no exception. These four instances of abuse of power by bloggers and those that were watching bloggers. I suspect this trend will continue, just as it does for politicians, journalists, and anyone who obtains power. Blogger ethics call for being 1) Honest and fair, 2) Minimize Harm, and to 3) Be Accountable. I would add that any blogger should … Continue readingLessons in Blogger Ethics