EMC hosts web community; Boston comes alive

If you attended the event, please tag your posts and photos with Bloggerdinnerbostonoct07 (just link to that Technorati page) Last night was the much anticipated Web/Blogger/Social Media/Live Web community dinner, (see guest list of about 100 attendees) the energy was high. Len Devanna of EMC volunteered to be the sponsor and did a fantastic job of hosting and organizing the event. A company whose brand is built on information recognizes the importance of how this ‘unstructured web data’ impacts storage, networking, brands, management, and knowledge can change traditional information. I have a long history of watching EMC from the sidelines, it was great to meet folks face to face. The room was buzzing with bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers, marketers, inventors, entrepreneurs, … Continue readingEMC hosts web community; Boston comes alive

EMC acquires Mozy, updated the ODS Industry List

Since I worked at HDS, I’ve been watching the online data storage industry carefully, and continue to observe. EMC has made a strategic buy in the Online Data Storage space by acquiring Mozy, “with a nearly $40 billion market cap. EMC paid $76 million for the company, according to two sources close to the deal.” I’ve updated the industry list, please leave comments if you know of other movements in the industry. I predict ODS will be a feature for web application services, and will eventually be used for marketing intelligence of user data, as well as issued like “free checking“, if it continues forward, ODS companies will pay users to upload data. Congratulations to Mozy and EMC.

The more you upload, the more they know, and why Google should pay us

Are you an Online Data Storage (ODS) rogue? Do you realize whoever controls the data (the cloud) controls the information? Google has just announced a new service to increase your storage amounts online, more comments on Techmeme. Considering that storage is inexpensive, almost commodity like, the following prices are extremely high: “When you reach the limit of free storage (i.e., 1GB for Picasa Web Albums, 2.8GB for Gmail), consider this your overflow solution. Plans start at $20/year for 6GB (yes, $5 cheaper than before), with larger plans ranging up to 250GB. If only testing everything were this easy.” Why are they high? Because I think future Online Data Storage companies will Pay You to Upload Data, whoever owns the information, … Continue readingThe more you upload, the more they know, and why Google should pay us

Online data storage is a feature

Mashable has finally a large list of online data storage but completely misses the most well known vendor Amazon’s S3. Hello? Anyone there? I’m watching this service utility space online data storage, from my roots at Hitachi, where I was on point to watch this market. In the past, I said that online data storage is like ‘free checking’ an add-on that a website can offer as a secondary feature. I spoke with some of the guys from Box.net, at the Techcrunch party, they’ve already created APIs and ways for the content to be easily uploaded, such as excel or photoshop files. Who needs a C drive anyways? With there being over 80 folks in the ‘mostly free’ ODS space, … Continue readingOnline data storage is a feature

Uploading your life and business to the web? A conversation with Hitachi Data Systems and Arcscale at Mixer 2.0

The web community and data storage community came together at the Blue Chalk cafe in downtown Palo Alto last night at Mixer 2.0. Great food, drinks and conversations occurred at this community event, there was even an iPhone giveaway. Thanks to our hosts Hitachi Data Systems and ArcScale. Thanks to Terry Chay of Lunch 2.0 for promoting. It’s great that Hitachi is reaching out the social media community, as this report from the Research IT Toolbox shows that IT decision makers trust social media far more than vendor marketing. Web and Data grow Facebook is growing at a phenomenal rate, users are creating data, media, and it has to be backed up, replicated and protected (Think of that major power … Continue readingUploading your life and business to the web? A conversation with Hitachi Data Systems and Arcscale at Mixer 2.0

Where do you prefer your data? At home or on the “Web Cloud”

My former CTO, Hu Yoshida at Hitachi Data Systems wrote an interesting post of why he hopes he never has to have a Terabyte of data centralized at his home. I agree. I’m a web guy, and I want my data out on the cloud (that means in the amorphous web), this means that I can access it whenever, and from wherever, assuming we keep on developing in the mobile space and everywhere else we seem to be plugged into the web. In addition to utility, there’s the benefit of not having to worry about having a centralized source of data being stolen from your home, or lost during a natural disaster, it should all safely be out on the … Continue readingWhere do you prefer your data? At home or on the “Web Cloud”

Zooomr Support by Sun and Zoho

I’m really glad to see that the Zooomr guys are getting their site (which has been offline for more than a week) back in order. Their site went down as they tried to launch the third release of their product, sadly, this is a disaster. They lost data and there have been some hardware issues. I know that there were some issues with funding of Zooomr, and I can see where additional resources are critical in keeping a website alive, funding is critical for a rainy day (and when it rains it pours). I’m really impressed with Sun, (they love startups) a big ol’ behemoth enterprise company has provided data storage hardware to Kris and Thomas, and Zoho is helping … Continue readingZooomr Support by Sun and Zoho

Wishing Dave Roberson the best (CEO of Hitachi Data Systems moves to HP)

I just learned from a employee at HDS that my former CEO, who I enjoyed working for has moved on from Hitachi Data Systems to HP Storage. In my three years working at Hitachi, Dave always had an open door policy, and was open minded to new ideas, espcially from youngins’ like myself. I had several meeting with Dave around social media, online video, and online data storage, in fact, he even relied on me to help assemble a dinner where he was able to meet the Web 2.0 generation, as well as some players in the Online Data Storage market. This article from CRN sheds a little light to why this change may have happened: “Echoing rumors around the … Continue readingWishing Dave Roberson the best (CEO of Hitachi Data Systems moves to HP)

“Unlimited Data Storage” is the “Free Checking” of the web industry

Online Data storage is a commodity. Yahoo announced unlimited storage for yahoo mail (which I use). That’s great, because I’m in the upper 90% of my capacity. I don’t delete mail, as I like it for archival purposes and to search for historical context. Disks are cheap, the web is a utility, and users put their data all over the web. I’ve been following this market for some time now and have come to the realization that soon vendors will be begging (or paying) users to upload data to their sites. There’s an interesting timeline from the Unofficial Google watch blog about the timeline of Yahoo mail and Gmail. There’s some inherent challenges with having your data all over the … Continue reading“Unlimited Data Storage” is the “Free Checking” of the web industry