2009 Survey Results: Qualitative

Why do you read Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang? Please include what you like least and most about this blog and its content.

  1. Thought leadership and insightful posts. Not all topics I find relevant, but the ones I do I quite enjoy.
  2. Keeping up with whats happening in SM world.
  3. Detailed content is fantastic even on topics I’m not as interested in.
  4. I was reading it starting when I was working with him at Forrester, and have continued.
  5. Brilliant analysis, great insights. Lots of predictions that actually are poised be true unlike other publications 🙂
  6. Expert Advice. Thoughtful. Well written. No bull. To the Point.
  7. You share cutting edge information that is relevant to me in my role, and that I can’t get within my company.
  8. to benchmark ourselves vs. the “industry”
  9. One of the only social media “experts” that actually can recommend execution details in conjunction with strategy. Concepts and strategies are real-world, not consultant-eese.
  10. I enjoy your horizon scanning and thought leadership, you analysis of industry players, and your passion for results. I also find the tone and attitude refreshing compared to many other thought leaders. I have recently enjoyed the sparsity and strategic models that have been in the posts, as opposed to general ramblings on a day to day basis. I tremendously respect you for your influence on strategists around the world. For a little while it seemed like the focus was moving predominantly into social CRM (where I have an interest) – however there seems to be a balance once more.
  11. It informs my approach to client needs by helping me to be aware of the social media space, web strategy activity, and make sure clients consider it in their strategy
  12. he’s a thought leader
  13. I heard about the blog via the Ad Age Power 150 and gained valuable insight, so I subscribed.
  14. To learn about social media in general; to keep up with Owyang’s latest, in particular.
  15. For analysis and conclusions. For discussions about ethics and ways to handle good and bad outcomes of the social aspect of the web. For new ways of understanding the markets.
  16. Important Voice in Social Media
  17. I love the high level advice from market leaders, as well as access to research and insight from Jeremiah. I like everything about the site. I don’t care much about the job board, but that’s because it usually doesn’t relate to where I live.
  18. When you offer your insight based on research and thinking. I don’t always agree with your observations, but value them. It’s why I read it.
  19. Enjoy the focused insights on markets and technologies
  20. I like the relevance, accuracy and quality of the content.
  21. insight
  22. Jeremiah is a thought leader in web strategy and his posts are lessons for us
  23. The content gets me thinking and improves my own thought process. This is what I like best. Some content is too niche and specific to relate to everything posted. This is what I dislike most.
  24. Relevancy to current technology and social media applications.
  25. information and knowledge
  26. one of the leading voices in the social media evolution.
  27. Knowledge
  28. It is a basic source of knowledge about the latest trends in Web 2.0, social media, and technology applied to marketing in general
  29. Web Strategy is uniquely valuable, and somehow Jeremiah Owyang is always ready with exactly what I need next. I’ve been a regular reader for years, and the value Jeremiah offers is always outstanding. I’d say take good care of yourself so that you’ll be enthusiastic about your work for a long, long time!
  30. it helps me to keep up with innovation in the tech and community / social media space and Jeremiah usually brings valuable business insight to bear on the trends he observes.
  31. I like the style of writing that Jeremiah has been throwing down. It’s pragmatic, non-preachy and does both big picture and trench view well.
  32. I like the big thought leeadership pieces…I read it cause it was recommended, and I enjoy the content.
  33. Like JO’s straightforward, current review of technology and how to apply it. JO has an opinion and not afraid to voice it.
  34. Sometimes find data that helps me better understand social media and how to apply it to my specific industry/profession.
  35. Authoritative view on the social media trends, emerging concepts, best practices. Of late knowing who’s who in the social media industry.
  36. Strategy recomendations
  37. i find the blog super informative on topics relevant to my everyday job function. not only interviews and case studies, but even the small posts on random topics allows readers to experiment with new ideas.
  38. Begin to understand the state of the art
  39. Most: Provides resources and discussions about topics of interest Least: The web is massive topic unto itself and there are only a few “go to” guys – like yourself.
  40. Make sure I’m up to date on the latest trends in social networking and social media.
  41. Jeremiah is considered by many to be a thought leader in the area of social media thus making his posts of high importance to us.
  42. perspective – good connections, nice synopses of trends and topics esp. regarding strategy
  43. Latest technology, strategy and best practice tips
  44. I like the variety of approaches and topics — it provides a 360 view of the field. I bookmark the posts that outline strategic paradigms for later reference, but find them all interesting.
  45. Jeremiah’s thought leadership helps me get an early jump on evolving my own thoughts on web strategy.
  46. I read to gain insights on digital and social media marketing strategy. What I like most is the depth of knowledge on certain topics. Not sure what I don’t like about this blog. 🙂
  47. Insightful – I enjoy the editorial content
  48. Thoughtful, in-depth, substantial. I always learn something.
  49. Pro: Jeremiah’s personal insight and integrity Con: i genuinely don’t have anything pertinent to add it would be purely subjective
  50. In a past life I worked in Public Relations and enjoy keeping up on current trends and how they relate to IT solution design.
  51. In-depth analysis.
  52. Stay on the cutting edge and measure where I am compared to others, makes me think and gives me ideas, keeps my brain active nudging me to do further research on my own
  53. insightful about what needs to happen. And there is nothing least – except at times Id like to see more
  54. find out more about best practices as a community manager
  55. To keep on top of the trends and get guidance on social media related issues for business
  56. trends overview
  57. Excellent analysis and insights into the world of social technologies and busines.
  58. Jeremiah’s site provides me with in depth insights on Web Marketing that I do not find in other sites.
  59. Because you’re an industry leader and influencer
  60. For industry insight and analysis, not just the news but analysis from an informed and educated perspective.
  61. Forward thinking insight into social media trends
  62. You share thoroughly researched info, which is difficult to find.
  63. First heard about him via Guy Kawasaki and reading related to Garr Reynolds
  64. Social marketing trends. Corporate policies and strategies. What is happening right now in SM technology.
  65. Very knowledgeable about everything social media. Analytical in approach.
  66. He’s the leader in this space. I like his pragmatic and human writing style.
  67. Best content I see every day. Very informed point of view. Love tonality and personal content.
  68. Like most – Keeps me up to date on trends & relevant case studies, but not fad-ish trends, legitimate ones. Like least – The posts are pretty long typically and I sometimes get pulled away without finishing reading them.
  69. Great content. Helps me stay out in front so it I can lead our company in this new media. Thought leadership. Future of social web article hooked me.
  70. Like most: perspective and insight Like least: n/a
  71. I read the blog to get industry insights, mainly around the topic of community management. It’s also a reliable source of news and general web stats.
  72. I like the high level and forward thinking perspective.
  73. I read it for information. It has been my year of transitioning from traditional media to social media and everything I’ve been able to learn about online. This is one of the sources I found and signed up to receive regularly on my journey, which is taking me into some social media consulting / coaching. Web Strategy has augmented workshops, blogging camps, hands-on web work and other things.
  74. Began reading because of the content/focus on Online strategy. I like the frequent, up-to-date content — always timely and is categorized as the “must read” RSS feed that I check in on daily.
  75. Because it’s a great way to stay in sync with a real thought leader.
  76. Primarily for application of strategies to my work and projects.
  77. I spend part of my time developing online biz deveopment strategies based upon push, pull, and adword/keyword marketing. Your thoughts along with others such as The Community Round Table are shaping my thought process on these topics.
  78. Corporate-ish in-depth view on social media rather than the shallow analysis of tools and trends most blogs offer.
  79. I discovered it via a poster at London Business School, which had a few facts about the social media space – making me think, ‘great. someone who knows what they’re talking about’. Now that I’m signed up I read it because Jeremiah seems to be on the pulse of what is happening and has some interesting ideas.
  80. Very insightful and inspiring.
  81. for advice, best practice and analysis
  82. The insights are clear and useful. The posts are timely and on top of things!
  83. Because of his in-depth knowledge of the social media evolution and how Internet is gonna evolve.
  84. I think his insight into all of the topics he touches on is fantastic, he is thorough and rigorous and the content is nearly always really useful and or interesting
  85. great thoughts on online mkg strategy
  86. It gives weight to the strategic arguements I make withi n my organisation
  87. True thought leadership – original content, not parroted from other sources.
  88. Sharp, on target insight and analysis of industry happenings.
  89. The content
  90. I like to stay on the forefront of web strategy / technology for my company, even though it isn’t my official role
  91. Casual writing style
  92. Sometimes you use too big / jargon words. Keep it easy and simple to understand….
  93. To gain another perspective from a very connected author within the social media echo chamber (and I mean that in a positive way).
  94. I read it to learn more about emerging technologies and trends, for the case studies and stats, and to to get in depth insight on industry developments.
  95. The clear, honest and transparant way of communicating by Jeremiah
  96. I like the mix of thought pieces, controversial opinions, and insights I can use as is. I think you are well informed, write content from a practical point of view, are well connected in the ecosystem. You are an expert that I trust. You have credibility with me. (Your guest bloggers don’t. I’m stingy with trust.)
  97. This blog is very good to transmit knowledge not only on strategic issues but also on practical applications
  98. followed jeremiah from forrester
  99. Jeremiah is always on the bleeding edge of what’s going on in social media and relationship-based technology. His perspective is unique, his insights are valuable and he’s a good human. We’ve met once.
  100. Jeremiah is an important thought leader
  101. it is very good
  102. Staying current with Industry trends, I started following him while he was at Forrester for that reason – “he was at Forrester” and had access to a wealth of data. He then added valuable analysis, which I am attempting to employ into our organization.
  103. * informed, relevant, structured information about matters that I’m interested in. * I especially like how the articles and subjects are structured and the update frequency.
  104. Timely data
  105. Most: Keeps me up to speed not just on what’s out there, but on how people are thinking about and using what’s out there. Not so much “least” as “different lens”: You present a marketing perspective of social media, whereas my domain is corporate training/enterprise productivity. Still, I often find it very applicable to a training context. Given that corporate marketing is light years ahead of corporate training when it comes to leveraging social media, tracking the innovations and trends in that space serves as a good bellwether for where training could or should be going. (I find that I can mentally insert “learner” or “participant” wherever you write “customer” for virtually any of your posts and it works pretty well.)
  106. To keep abreast of what is happening in the industry – particularly important given the fact that I am in Australia.
  107. Web Management and editorial focus
  108. I appreciate the insights from Jeremiah. He contact with the latest vendors and thinkers in social marketing with his own analysis.
  109. Jeremiah is a real thought leader in terms of strategy and offers real empirical evidence that is sometimes lacking in other blogs.
  110. hes a thought-leader and not just a regurgitator
  111. A sober and data-backed view of the marketplace. Doesn’t succumb to hype or overstaement.
  112. Thoughtful Insight on strategies that help shape my knowledge about technology.
  113. exclusive content
  114. perspective on what works and doesn’t…things to try, tips
  115. Always looking for the golden nugget–

How can Web Strategy, by Jeremiah Owyang improve?

  1. More shorter posts.
  2. Can’t really recommend anything
  3. Clearer executive summaries of posts to make it clear to readers if the post is on topic for them, especially as the blog broadens in scope and focus.
  4. Just keep pumping out good content.
  5. It migth not be your target audience, but some more focus on govt and non-profit would be helpful.
  6. quality over quantity. Sometimes I can’t keep up with all the posts or the format isn’t easy to scan and digest quickly.
  7. more statistics and case studies
  8. When evaluating vendors, spend time testing products offered. Some very basic key web functionality was overlooked in vendor recommendations I’ve used.
  9. I think there have been several changes since the break with Forrester, and I welcome them. Whilst I am inspired by the occasional motivational or ‘lifestyle’ post, I would probably become less interested if the blog moved in that direction. I guess for me it boils down to what I can take away (in a selfish sense) and use, mainly because of the sheer volume of feeds which I digest for new thinking. I am a less participatory user of the Internet, and tend to focus more on the client site – so anything I can use is immensely valuable.
  10. more case studies
  11. N/A
  12. More frequent posting.
  13. Just keep it up. Don’t start pushing sales.
  14. Okay as is
  15. Raising awareness about salaries for social media employees.
  16. I have drifted from the blog lately and I can’t say exactly why. Perhaps it has something to do with your own shift in focus as you moved from being an analyst. It’s hard to put my finger on it. Perhaps this is only a part of the answer, but it’s what comes to mind in the time I’ve allotted to fill out the survey.
  17. By developing more matrix analysis and case studies. Jeremiah’s posts are famous by
  18. beginner and advanced analysis
  19. I am not as concerned with what events are happening than I am with what the key take-aways are.
  20. Keep it coming’
  21. 1. showcase upcoming social media products/services from startups 2. review upcoming products/services
  22. More cases
  23. It is very difficut to say. It is very good the way it is.
  24. I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on where we, the social sphere and the technology are headed.
  25. not sure – i’ve always enjoyed it as is.
  26. I like it the way it is
  27. More posts! 🙂
  28. less stats, more interviews.
  29. Include some examples of real life case studies of what has worked. Include Vendor product reviews, Include trends in measuring and nurturing commnities and relating engagemnet to business goals. What type of score cards makes really sense. What are the leading indicators of where the community is headed…
  30. Technology case studies
  31. Not Sure but aren’t we all asking the same question of ourselves?
  32. Offer more for the non-marketers among us, people trying to build communities. Especially more for community-building around on media properties.
  33. I would like to see periodic longer posts digging deeper into a subject.
  34. More b2b relevant case studies & examples
  35. More data and charts on trends, demographics
  36. Is there a digest/index to search the posts? (Just haven’t checked that part out) — if so, make this overt in the posts to increase relevance as resource.
  37. More case studies and examples that demonstrate trends in practice.
  38. Maybe interviews. Dunno. Pretty damn good.
  39. I would like to see more analysis, charts and figures
  40. Use more graphical devices to communicate for easier consumption of info/data.
  41. maybe introduce highly vetted guest bloggers, especially where VoC is concerned
  42. Keep doing what you are doing.
  43. Combination of shorter posts with in-depth posts.
  44. Every so often add some facts on cutting edge technologies or recommendations based on your gut as opposed to just proven marketing strategies just throw a curve ball now and then and we can delve into further research to see if that takes us in the direction we need to go in…
  45. Keep plugging away at how “Web Strategy” in a company is implemented
  46. i really like finding out the “how to” in social media
  47. stay sharp
  48. It’s difficult to say, I found this blog being a great source of information along with FIR, RWW, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan and a few others..
  49. more focus on independent consulting and how that works, especially because you are now an independent consultant
  50. Can’t think of anything.
  51. More content by a wider range of authors
  52. Maybe once in a while you can post something for people who are just starting their career in digital marketing/social media. I’m a b-school student and many of my classmates follow your blog. Maybe a post for fresh b-school grads about possible areas of career opportunities in web strategy!!
  53. Rather than just a corporate focus, also give trends and advice for SME’s.
  54. Deeper dives into topics, backed by research where possible.
  55. Throw in a few entry level posts every so often. Don’t always focus on social. Include web, e-mail, etc.
  56. Just keep publishing.
  57. Not sure. Maybe more visuals and bite size chunks to help us educate those not as savvy in social media
  58. Coverage beyond big and/or assumed players in the space
  59. I think an audio podcast would improve my experience as I do not always have the time to read Web Strategy but can certainly listen to it while I’m driving.
  60. Continue to giving info on trends and also ideas around social media opportunities. I enjoyed that one when you all met at Union Square. Terrible video, though. I thought of offering my services for next time 🙂
  61. Help us quantify and measure social media investments. Lots of energy exerted in our organization but at the end of the day, very little from social media is truly driving our business. Social Media has a negative connotation outside of the Marketing roles within our Fortune 500 corporation across the multiple divisions.
  62. it could have a section with lifestreaming… feauring your recent tweets, bookmarks, and other actions in the social space. That brings you even closer to your audience and allows your followers to experience your own discovery and learning process, which would be invaluable for some and very cool for many. =)
  63. No changes suggested
  64. Lay-out might be more clear.
  65. It could be stronger if Jeremiah included more analysis, facts and frameworks (sorry to use that word!) for structuring the space what companies are doing/can do with it. This would make it more than simple commentary and really differentiate the blog from the reams of other ‘I have an experience and I talk about it’ bloggers out there.
  66. I find it very useful – more data to backup analysis would be useful and more videos to educate clients – I use clips and video to educate clients and add legitimacy to my own work more than any other device
  67. Its great just the way it!
  68. By focusing more on long-term evolutions of the Internet land-scape regarding evolution of online interactions and its consequence on companies structure
  69. I think Jeremiah could perhaps incorporate more case studies, perhaps a monthly podcast or written piece, a bit longer than normal. What would be cool was if it presented problems and solutions he has encountered with a specific client, i.e. a real case study whereby the client let’s him talk about the real issues and how a solution was found.
  70. readibility of posts
  71. Prehaps a summary of key principles and techniques (rather then just being in date order)
  72. Keep it up!
  73. n/a
  74. More Content
  75. Less frequent posts.
  76. Definitely more videos, and quality stuff like Chris Brogan
  77. I would drop the job openings as there are other sites that do that well. Instead, focus on what the top thinkers are doing with their company projects and with their clients if consultants.
  78. It’s already one of my top favorites. Perhaps some guest posts to spice things up.
  79. It’s always been difficult for me to do certain searches on the site – although I haven’t tried lately. I’ll usually back off and use an advanced Google or other 3rd party search tool when looking for something in particular.
  80. less on the new agey navel gazing
  81. COntinue sharing what you see as valuable, because others do too and they don’t have your access, experience and passion.
  82. keep up the good work
  83. More statistical data on tatics that work and do not work. More roadmaps related to how small businesses can succeed in the online marketing space.
  84. * tough call; I’d move more towards innovation in web services and forms of collaboration (eg. wave, 12Sprints), and drop the ‘industry jobs’ series – but that’s because I live in Portugal and this is thus not relevant to me.
  85. Look at more global examples
  86. Keep tweeting your posts. As I (and my company) get busier, I find I have less and less time to keep up with my Reader, and rely more and more on twitter to pont me to new and interesting posts.
  87. More case studies …
  88. Showcase how other organizations “manage” web organizations, editorial structures; social media integration with web sites; and marketing.
  89. Real world scenario case studies. How to actually take these incredible ideas to reality
  90. Can sometimes be too high level and techy. Which is fine, but those are the posts I would most likely skip.
  91. By offering associated conferences and networking meetings in my country from industry leaders and thought leaders
  92. I’m afraid I couldn’t suggest anything…
  93. hmm!
  94. more content
  95. keep it simple, but high level.