Ten Reasons Why Investors Love Shared Transportation

Half the funding in the Collaborative Economy goes to transportation. By our count, the Collaborative Economy has been funded $25 billion, one of the highest funded tech industries, ever. For comparison, global social networks have been funded a mere $6 billion, which is just a quarter of the Collaborative Economy. Within the $25 billion funded, $13 billion has been invested in the transportation space, which is 52% of all funding dollars. What’s shared transportation? Chances are, you’re already using it. First, let’s define the category of shared transportation. It includes: 1) rides as a service, and 2) vehicle sharing. If you’ve taken a ride as a service like Lyft, Uber, Ola, or Didi, you’ve participated in shared transportation. If you’ve … Continue readingTen Reasons Why Investors Love Shared Transportation

Entrepreneur hack: Draw a storyboard before the business plan.

Just about two years ago, I hung up my partner hat at a prior company and started the Crowd Companies journey. I recall we had a mere ten weeks to the launch at LeWeb. I went to mother nature to do some deep thinking, and wound up in a Redwood forrest near my house, with a moleskin. Before writing the business plan, I drew out a storyboard, just like you see before a movie is shot, illustrating key phases the company should go through. Then, I wrote the business plan in a detailed powerpoint, complete with goals, numbers, resources, limitations, and a timeline, and “pitched” it to my friends, advisors, and even my supportive wife. I also made a list … Continue readingEntrepreneur hack: Draw a storyboard before the business plan.

Ten Ways Mobility-as-a-Service Changes Your Lifestyle

Just about everything related to transportation is now becoming automated, on demand, or available to borrow. Over a few short years, an abundance of VC-funded apps have emerged that crowdsource just about every aspect for transportation, car management, and more. The Collaborative Economy has a branch of commerce that’s being dubbed the on-demand economy. Most of these apps are related to transportation, personal services, or logistics. The transportation sector is the most funded industry in the Collaborative Economy. In my ongoing studies of tracking market funding of this market, the transportation sector has received the most funding, over $14B, out-funding all other industries. The lion’s share going to ride-sharing apps like China’s Didi, India’s Ola, and America’s Uber; yet there … Continue readingTen Ways Mobility-as-a-Service Changes Your Lifestyle