The Money Flows in the Collaborative Economy

A series of significant monetary events have occurred. In prior posts, I’ve covered the investment leaders by frequency and looked at funding in a category of 200 startups.  I found that 37% had been funded, with some receiving very large cash injections.  In the recent past, there have been some significant material events in the Collaborative Economy, including the following: VCs inject capital into startups.  Lyft raised $60m in March, and Airbnb has raised $120m.  Airbnb has made at least six acquisitions, and opened a large HQ at 888 Brannan in San Francisco  this quarter. Google bets big on Uber to take down Amazon.  Google funded Uber with $258 million in September 2013, which is the largest investment ever by Google Ventures.  This money will be … Continue readingThe Money Flows in the Collaborative Economy

Jeremiah’s new venture; moving on from Altimeter

I’m starting a new company to help progressive corporations tap into the Collaborative Economy. I’ll be leaving Altimeter in my current role, but will remain connected as I join Altimeter’s Board of Advisors. One of the advantages of being an industry analyst is being able to see what’s coming in the future.  To address this transformation, large corporations are going to need help to manage this radical market change.  In the coming weeks, I’ll share my plans for this new venture. It’s amazing to see four years at Altimeter Group go by so quickly.  We’ve accomplished so much. The kickoff, our first conference, and the publication of Open Research reports, we have helped clients adopt disruptive technologies. My business partner … Continue readingJeremiah’s new venture; moving on from Altimeter

Meet the Resilient Corporations

(Read part one, Meet the Empowered People, in this two-part series.) What’s a Resilient Corporation? It’s one that minimizes risk, moves quicker, and can grow faster than others. You may be asking, “How can corporations reduce risk, move quickly, and scale at the same time?”  I’ll be glad to answer that. With the acceleration of market changes from social media, new technologies, and increased competition, old-school corporations are at risk of becoming brittle and fragile.   Traditionally-operated companies must establish resiliency by adapting to new models emerging in the marketplace.  To find inspiration from a resilient species, we should look at bamboo which is rapidly growing, able to withstand changing weather patterns, and adaptable to many environments.  Like bamboo, corporations must … Continue readingMeet the Resilient Corporations

Meet the Empowered People

(Read part two, Meet the Resilient Corporations, in this two-part series.) Meet the people formerly known as customer/consumers/target markets. They have new powers.  They are backed by powerful companies.  And they are starting to organize. No, I’m not talking about the latest episode of Heroes.  I’m talking about the people formerly known as your customers.  You may be asking, “What powers do they have?  Who gave those powers to them?  What are they going to do together?”   I’ll be glad answer that. They are powerful. They have new powers, and you can see a collection of stats, that enable them the ability to get all the information they need about you in real time using social networks, mobile devices, and the … Continue readingMeet the Empowered People

Expert Interview: The Millennials in the Collaborative Economy

Meet Dan Schawbel. He’s an expert on millennials in the workforce. I’ve known Dan for years, we both worked in the social business space, him at EMC, while I was at HDS.  We learned together, shared insights, and he even featured me in some of his publications.  In my opinion, Dan has become one of the leading voices of the millennial generation. Not just because he’s in that age range, but because he’s studied the impacts, tracks the trends, and eloquently speaks on TV about millennials in the workforce.  I’ve been talking to Dan, about how the Collaborative Economy is often being lead by this young generation that wants to make a difference. Like the movement, Dan is focused on helping … Continue readingExpert Interview: The Millennials in the Collaborative Economy