Your Online Reunion

Families are our first community, and it’s no surprise that I first starting experimenting with connecting my large family online as my first project. Today, I’m an analyst focused on communities for the largest brands in the world –and to think I start with a group of Owyang’s.

What happens offline happens online, in fact our blood lines are now being found in Yahoo groups, (online family tree, where I have 291 blood relatives), wikipedia, and personal created communities.

My family was able to connect online, and it eventually resulted in a large family reunion –which we then led a group of us back to our humble village in Zhongshan China two years ago. We had a second reunion yesterday in Oakland, we continue to share online as we did in person.

I’m not the only one, Stephanie Agresta was able to connect with her family members because of one of my blog posts, take a moment to watch this video –it’s heart warming.

I posed a question to my twitter network to find out if their family has connected online BECAUSE of the internet, (hear some of their stories), I’d love to hear your story.