Homeless: San Jose, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Denver.

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Last week, I tried to inspire you to donate to the China crises by showing you beautiful pictures. This time, I’m going to take a little bit more of a realistic approach. Numbers are often hard to fathom, so images (in context to our lives) can really help to illustrate a point.

If the US had as many homeless as the China Quake, the following high tech cities would have no where to live:

San Jose
San Jose, Calif. Population: 912,332

San Francisco
San Francisco, Calif. Population: 739,426

Dallas, Tex. Population: 1,213,825

Austin, Tex. Population: 690,252

Boston, Mass. Population: 559,034

Denver, Colo. Population: 557,917

Total: aprox 4,670,000, with a leftover to fill many small cities in America. (such as Oakland, Miami, Tulsa, Honolulu, all in the 300k range)

City population from Infoplease

Shocking? I could have used images of death, despair and crying parents. Sometimes, I think that’s less effective, especially if the culture is foreign, so I decided to use something most readers have in common –home town images.

There are 5,000,000, people homeless in China due to the earthquake. If you find this number as shocking as I did, I hope this example puts this into perspective.

You can actually do something, and donate to the Redcross, or other worthy causes. I choose the Redcross as I know the money will be put to good use.

I also learned that my parent in laws are considering adopting an orphan from the earthquake, I’m pretty excited.

Thank you, global citizens. Jeremiah Owyang, a 5th Generation Chinese American

Update: Wendy, from the Red Cross has left a comment and points us to the Causes page in Facebook, and is providing regular updates from on how they resources are being used. This is the city of Denver, not the metro area, see US census data.

It’s now in a German version.