Video: Why Social Media scares the Analyst Industry (3 min with Carter Lusher)

In the above video, I met up with Carter at the famous Buck’s at Woodside, a famous restaurant where VCs from nearby Sand Hill road meetup with prospective investors, and entrepreneurs from the tech community. Many a deals have been brokered here.

When I first heard of Carter Lusher, it was when I ran into his fiery blog post when he was the head of analyst relations at HP (read all the comments too). That’s a pretty heavy duty job, as this means that he’s responsible for ‘infuencing the influencers’ and a tech company this is especially important.

Although he’s moved on to start his own gig at SageCircle, he continues to focus in on social media + analyst industry, and how it’s disruption will cause some analyst firms to be less relevant, and those that participate to be more relevant.

I’ve not heard of any analysts that directly get paid to blog, we do it because it’s fun, or we know the benefits, if I stopped blogging, I would still get my paycheck, although it’s very clear that my influence would be less. (Besides what else would I do for two hours before the rest of the world wakes up?).

In one of his most recent and relevant posts, Carter has some excellent advice (read my comments) why analysts reject briefing requests from startups.