A very slow week

I’m used to being online 12+ hours a day, just to keep up with the news in the rapid fire tech industry.

This week is so quiet, that even press were asking me to see if I had any stories or anything interesting to share, usually they have a story in mind they are on rapid deadline to complete.

Many companies launched their features and products in Mid Dec or earlier as business folks take up to two weeks off.

This really reinforces why I love the tech industry, as this ‘ketchup week‘, is a good reminder what it’s like in many other industries.

I was telling my colleague Josh Bernoff today that if I talk about my employer I get called a ‘shill’, if I don’t talk about my employer, I’m “witholding information” from behind the ‘paywall’. Ya’ can’t please everyone.

What really encourages me to spur on is great posts of appreciation from Beth Dunn, who recognizes the work that goes into sharing. Thanks Beth.