Should Brands Join or Build Social Networks? (results from an informal survey)

Friday on Twitter I posed the question, should brands join existing social networks (like Facebook, MySpace, etc) or build their own social network (like these many white label tools)?

I asked my Twitter network: “Should brands Join or Build their own Social Networks?”
Here’s the tally from the many responses:

  • Join 10
  • Build 5
  • Both 10
  • Mixed reactions, unsure, or need more info 6
  • Within minutes of posting the question to Twitter (an early adopter social media crowd) yielded 31 responses, many which came in to my email account. It’s very clear the responses are all over the map, the market needs clarity.

    In the last segment, some folks chose to ask questions or suggest that it depends on the situation, so I lumped them into one response group. Although just a small informal sample of the social media elite (Most Twitter users are early adopters) that the responses are dispersed.

    I’ve started a discussion in the Web Strategy Group in Facebook (I choose Join instead of Build) where you can further the conversation. I look forward to your thoughts over there, a place where you can network with others (4300 of them that care about web strategy) and where you can control the topics rather than reading me over and over. If you’re a vendor from either camp, kindly identify that in your response and continue to build trust by demonstrating your knowledge and helpfulness.