The Press are Listening in on Twitter

Yesterday, I was contacted by a member of the press who was writing a story, she asked for elaboration on my 140 character tweet (the maximum number of characters that twitter allows per message). If you remember my pebble theory, you shouldn’t be surprised, I think blogging is moving towards surfing or even boating.

Normally, press will contact press office of an Analyst firm, where they will redirect and refer to the right analyst depending on the topic, but in this case, journalists who cover a beat are starting to follow specific individuals in order to glean nuggets and different opinions for their balanced and fair stories. For these savvy journalists, is it safe to say their job is getting easier as information flies about?

Because ideas and news spread faster on MicroBlogging networks, journalists can move faster, keep their finger on the pulse of their industry and rapidly contact individuals for perspectives. I’m not the only one to notice this, as savvy journalists like David Cohn are getting wind of this instant chat room.

So just be mindful that tweets are public (and let’s not fool ourselves, the private ones aren’t really that secure) that these bite sized opinions can generate into something much larger, seen far beyond your twitter network.

Things are moving faster, smaller, but should we also stop ask, is faster really better?