Recorded Webinar Now Available: Seth Godin, Steve Mann, Jeremiah Owyang, hosted by Robin Fray Carey

Last week’s 60 minute webinar hosted by Robin Fray Carey involved Seth Godin (who was a bit under the weather but made it to the teleconference), his latest book Meatball Sundae was given to members who registered for the webinar. Steve Mann, who’s leading social media strategy at SAP joined us, and lastly myself.

You can access the recorded webinar by going to MyVenturePad and clicking on the red graphic on the top right.

You’ll be required to download the latest version 10 of the Real Player, which has better opt-in features from the last version (I blogged my feedback)

While there were over 50 questions posed during the webinar, Steve Mann has taken it upon himself to answer a few of them from his blog.

A Transparent Pitch: Also, I’m holding a Teleconference this coming Monday on online communities. I’ve recently completed my research (interviewed around 20 community experts, vendors, community managers and consultants) to create an upcoming research paper that answer if brands should build their own social network (using the white label tools out there) or join existing ones (like Facebook, MySpace)

Your Social Network Strategy: Join or Build
If you’re interested in attending, you can register for this event (there’s a fee) at the Forrester website, you’ll have the answer to the question, and will be informed to make an intelligent decision that support your corporate objectives.

We worked hard to get this question answered, as we know many brands are struggling to answer the choice, because just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come, create a strategy first.