Video: How to Allocate Resources for your Web Strategy (3:15 with CEO Ian Lurie)

It’s nearly 2008 and many companies are starting to plan for next year’s web strategy budget. This can include many, many different types of activities, including resources, staffing, and outsourcing services.

Find out how to deploy your resources, and how social media is a ‘soft cost’, which I referenced this in my webinar with Seth…but forgot to credit Ian, so here I am now, thanks Ian for being a thought leader

I talked with Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent Interactive, who shares with me how companies should start to think about how the budget their resources. Ian’s written a book called Conversation Marketing, which I’ve read and reviewed. If you look carefully, you’ll see Brian Keith hanging out in the lobby.

Have you seen my list of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2007? I’m going to update it soon, what should be added?