Facebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Platform

I’ve just completed my keynote here at the Web Community Forum, my presentation was a kick off: Your Facebook Strategy: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Platform. I also cover some of the challenges, including the recent BeaconGate, and most importantly, how to develop a strategy that makes sense.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook, I’ve written this primer: What you should know about Facebook.

In addition to being an Analyst covering social networks, I’m a user too, you can add me as a contact (I’ll add you back) or join the Web Strategy Group.

Tris Hussey has blogged about the presentation
and there were a tremendous amount of tweets from Teresa on Web Comm Forum. Update: Ariel of Microsoft took amazing notes, I was watching her type with flurry and passion, followed by Mari’s high level bullet points.

Update: Mari also was blogging the event.

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