Respect and Accountability (Updated this post)

In my recent post, I write about how our industry is starting to solidify and come together. This conference, blog world expo in Vegas is more like a trade show, and we’re seeing constituents from many parties, we’re growing. It’s really important that we hold ourselves accountable, especially our leaders.

I’m hearing from people that there’s a lot of buzz that two A-list CEOs were not able to attend, one was feeling ill and the other “forgot”. (Update: Rick, the organizer comes in and explains it was his fault, yes, it’s all very confusing)

(Update: We hope Om, who hurt his back feels better).

(Update 2: Mike has responded and states he never agreed to speak, despite him being heavily touted on the brochures and websites. Mike, I’m not making personal attacks at you or Om, in fact that’s the whole point, this has nothing to do with a single person but about the industry at large, so please read this post very carefully, I’m wishing you the best.)

(Update 3: Rick Calvert, who put on Blog World Expo apologizes and says all this hoopla is his fault, go read over there. Ok, glad this is settled, let’s move on. Mike, sorry if I jumped on you without getting the full story. This is getting confusing, it’s hard to figure out where the story stops and ends, there are still a lot of conflicting stories, either way, moving on now.)

(Update 4: Not quite done moving on, I just left a comment on Mike’s blog, apologizing for any grief I lead to him. At first, when I wrote this post, I specifically wrote it to not to make it a personal attack on anyone, but I can see why he could take it very personally. We didn’t have this information from Rick until a few days later, and that really changes the perspective of things. I’m doing what’s right, correcting my mistakes, and apologizing in public, and on Mike’s blog. I wish this information from Rick surfaced a lot earlier, and we should have checked with Mike first.)

As an industry, we look up to these leaders to set a good example, they influence the behavior of others who read them, watch them, and are in their space. Some fans in the space are let down, and I can understand why.

Also, I heard that some speakers were pitching their services. We, I, you should call speakers out when they do that, and respect the time of the audience.

As our industry grows and solidifies, (as I was telling Chris) we need to be accountable to ourselves, each other, and the industry, no one person is greater than the whole –that is, after all, what the web is all about.