Video: Why Laura “Pistachio” loves and hates Twitter (2:45)

Watch the above video to find out why Laura loves and hates twitter.

I was really pleased to finally meet Pistachio (her real name Laura Athavale Fitton) at the Boston Blogger Dinner a few weeks ago. She writes the Great Presentation Blog, and we immediately got into a discussion about Twitter. Aside from being one of the hyper networked and well connected, she’s a natural speaker, and helps others to be great speakers.

When people connect online and interact it’s a pretty amazing network. When two people finally meetup in real life after collaborating online it’s a really an amazing thing, it’s as if people knew each other already and conversations instantly pick up.

I’m on Twitter, (follow me and I’ll add you back) and use it very, very actively, I’ll tweet what I’m reading (and give commentary) even as I do research, so in many ways by following me, it’s getting a glimpse into one of the ‘pipes’ of input and output in my life. If you’re not sure what Twitter is, or how to use it, read what the web strategist should know about Twitter.