Podcast: The Great Twitter Debate “Bad Ass Berkowitz” vs “OMG Owyang”

I had the absolute pleasure to be involved in a geek fight with the always thoughtful David Berkowitz, a friend and respected peer of mine in the industry. Paul Dunay was the referee, and thoughtfully lead the conversation forward. I love Davids opening remarks about funding the Scoble’s kid.

The debate started on the blogosphere, where David questions the value of micromedia. So listen in to the two different sides over Twitter over at the Marketing Profs site or use the player below.

Link to Original Audio Source

David and I are actually buds, here’s some pics of us on panels, hanging at PodTech, and hitting the town in the back of a limo in Vegas!

Shel, Jeremiah, DavidPicture 841Picture 1150