Web Strategy Reading: Oct 15th, 2007

Recommended Reading

  • Mari interviewed me on her podcast series about Facebook, and what it means for smaller businesses.
  • What you should know about web usability.
  • Mark Cuban is blogging his behind the scenes experience on Dancing with the stars, be sure to give him a vote.
  • The Eepybird boys are at it again, remember their Diet Coke Mentos videos? Now they’re playing with Post it Notes
  • A parents nightmare: School fights meet YouTube, now all can see, parents included
  • Sick of email? One company says no mo’
  • The Boston Blogger Dinner is completely packed, there is an overflow of attendees wanting to come, see you Thur.
  • Classical Violin meets hip hop DJ: great mashup.
  • Analysis of how Presidential candidates use Social Media
  • Allen Stern answers why he’s not married, but I think he’s already married to the internet