Photoblog: Manhattan in 8 Hours

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Images help me to communicate experience, and yesterday was without exception.

I took the Acela train from Boston to New York, rode business class for 4 hours each way. Arrived at Penn Station at 11am, (that was the earliest train) and left at 7pm (the latest train) below are some of the hundreds of photos I took with my now $300 dollar camera. Having been on many of the world’s trains, I was impressed with the Acela high speed train, which reminded me of Japan’s high speed rail (here’s my video tour). The New York Subway, while effecient, was certainly showing it’s centennial age.

I hit: Madison Square, a Korean Parade, Times Square, Grand Central Station, South Street Seaport, The Bodies Exhibition, St Paul’s church, World Trade Center/Ground Zero, Wall Street, Battery Park, and back to Penn Station.

The bodies exhibition was morbidly fascinating, it wasn’t positioned as a freak show, but more like a look at our internal workings, to better understand who and why we are here. I witnessed one young college girl faint, the medical staff was on hand, and commented it was a common daily happening. The statues themselves had a rank stench to them, perhaps it was the resin that now populated the veins and tissue, excess rotting flesh, or my mind working at overdrive.

Not surprisingly, what you see on the internet about the 911 conspiracy theories was alive and well at Ground Zero, relatives of victims were still protesting, handing out pamphlets and demanding that a proper investigation be restarted. They want you to read to watch this 1 hour video, where many of the same topics were discussed, and argued, on site. I felt a mixture of emotions for them, their pain, their loss, in the whole experience of being on site. Fortunately, growth and reconstruction is occurring, and construction teams were working through the day, even on a Saturday.

Many of you were with me! I enjoy going to cities and moving quickly about taking pictures, it’s a great way to satisfy my stimuli craving. I was publishing my thoughts and observations on Twitter through the day, and received many direct messages, emails, and replies in response, although I was alone, it was like my network was with me, experiencing it alongside me.

And yes, my feet and back are sore from moving so quickly, I can see why many of the New York residents are fit and trim.

Picture 267View from TrainCafe CartPicture 295Picture 313Picture 327Korean ParadeKorean VetsMadness BrandingPicture 387Picture 391Picture 395Grand Central TerminalPicture 412Picture 431Picture 433Picture 457Regrowth at WTCNYSEPicture 496Picture 499Picture 505Picture 506

Update: I finally finished uploading this video of the debate at Ground Zero, the emotions ran very high, even several years later. That wasn’t real money they were handing out, they were pamphlets supporting their position.