Web Strategy Reading: Oct 1, 2007

Suggested Reading:

  • First and foremost, Tola has a social media planning guide, that helps one to wrap their head around getting started on a program, or access the guide and all it’s wheels and elements
  • What should a Presidential candidate’s website look like? A checklist of features
  • Louis Rosenfeld and company have done analysis on the analysts, see who covers the user experience field best, also read comments.
  • Colleague Peter Kim has started at media consumption diary, it’s an interesting experiment
  • Savvy TV companies are learning to use the internet for distribution.
  • Chris Brogan on Mapping Social Media

  • Not sure how Social Computing can be applied to the enterprise? This list is helpful.
  • I wasn’t at Techcrunch 40, I heard some great things, but then was surprised by this ‘scathing post’.
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Tips from Guru Chris Brogan, makes my list twice

  • Burma’s recent ban of the internet doesn’t stop citizen journalism
  • Important: I’m updating my Shared Feed from Google reader, you may want to subscribe to that. What’s a shared feed? It’s the ‘best of’ that crosses my feedreader, and I want you to read it.