A victim of my own doing and how to be a dumbass in Facebook

I screwed up, in fact this is a very embarrassing, but there’s a lesson to be learned and the majority of you all will benefit, if not be entertained.

As you know, if you add me on Facebook, I’ll add you back.

To me, Facebook is a business and personal networking tool unlike any other I’ve ever used. I’m pretty cavalier and liberal on what I let people send to me, such as dedicating songs. In the past, my wife has dedicated some songs to me, some of them are personal, and some trigger some inside jokes between us.

Recently, someone I don’t personally know dedicated a song to her entire network of friends, which included me. It was called “Girlfriend” and I accepted the dedication, it was then put on my profile page. I’m sure she had no idea of the implications it would soon cause for me.

For a bit of context, her profile picture, which at my age in the 30s is a bit racy, (but for her generation is likely common) bared a bit of shoulder.

She was also from an Asian country, where I was headed just last week…you see where this is going…imaginations can run wild.

My wife saw this while I was in Hong Kong last week, and when you add up all those instances, it paints a somewhat dark picture. My wife wasn’t connect to this girl, and couldn’t see she dedicated to all her friends.

I was slightly amused (but mostly scared) as I received an email from her one night in all caps, ending with the phrase “YOU BETTER GET THAT STRAIGHTEN OUT NOW!” (I’m not allowed to publish the full email, which I think is very, um, colorful)

Within minutes, I apologized, explained my innocence/ignorance/dumbassary, and removed the dedication, I explained I accepted all virtual gifts and dedications without giving it a second thought. She said she would then dedicate a song to me called “I’m a Dumbass” to prove her point. (dunno if such a song exists, but it might as well for me)

Just goes to show the dangers of Social Networks, sorry honey, wasn’t intentional, one should be more careful on how they use social networks for personal, business, family and friends, the context may not fully be apparent to others.

Think that’s bad? I’ve blogged about other embarrassing things I’ve done, such as screwing up Robert Scoble’s keynote in front of hundreds of PR professionals, a little humility goes a long way.

Even a web strategist can screw up too.

Update: Waili sent me this song called Dumbass by Tom Petty, nice.